Quote of the day—Edge-

The gun was beyond unnecessary and the correct course of action would have been for the micropenis guy #1 to walk back inside, phone the local police to report trespassing, and wait for the cops to show up and do their jobs.

There is no situation where the other guy gets control of the gun if the gun is never brought out. This is purely based off the actions of one insecure beta-male who needs his Penis Enhancer(TM) to feel masculine in the face of a verbal confrontation.

I cannot insult micropenis murderer guy enough.

November 30, 2021
MMO Champion Gun Control Threat
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday it’s another science denier!

Insults are so convincing!—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Edge-

  1. Micropenis.
    Yep, insults are such an effective argument technique there’s a two semester class in insults in every law school now.

    Actually the first thing I though of was if this science denial crap of giving boys puberty blockers because they have gender dysphoria at age nine, there are going to be a lot of micropenis people out there who Edge has such contempt for.
    Interestingly, Edge would be against shaming such people. I guess it’s okay if the insult is fake. After all, it’s consistent with everything else that comes out of the mouths of Leftists.

  2. I would posit that insults are made to make one aware that the situation one finds themself is about to go sour?
    And that it can no longer be fixed by honest discussion?
    The real problem lies in the fact that in order to be insulting it has to have a measure of truth in it, coupled with some shock value.
    In this case Ms. Edge proves herself to be quite dull.
    It seems the proper response would be to tell her to grow up. But it appears she has already taken the puberty blockers.

  3. Hmm. One wonders, wonders one — if insulting a shooter for his “micropenis” is acceptable, based solely off of gun usage, what insults might be appropriate for this delightful Edge person?

    Penis fixation comes to mind. So does a mild case of Tourette’s.

    She seems to think, like some others, that a small penis is truly the one-and-only reason for anyone to buy a gun. What a sheltered life she must live, to go on thinking that.

    • The most obvious label is “mental defective”. Certainly the available evidence supports the truth of that tag.

  4. Speaking of beta-males, are we supposed to prove our manliness by submitting to insults, altering our entire world view so we don’t hear bad words spoken against us? THAT would be manly? But of course I’d wager that this person hates manliness (strong, fearless, steadfast, loving correction, selflessness, productivity and problem solving), being of the Progressive feminist bent, and considers it “toxic”.

    So now we have a choice between them calling us “toxic” one hand, and “micro-penis-beta-male” on the other. Not that it matters, however, what anyone on the Romish left thinks of us. Their job is to hate us no matter what, and to try to spread the hate generally.

    But what they hate most of all are the Bible-based, Judaeo-Christian principles and law of liberty. Never forget it! We’re just the proxies for that hate.

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