Quote of the day—sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141

What part do you not understand that Human Rights, including the Right of Self Determination which Self Defense is integral, are not negotiable

sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141
Tweeted on December 4, 2021 in response to this tweet which is this meme:
[Yes, sacrebleu14 misunderstood.—Joe]


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  1. The difficulty with statements like these is that those on the right generally recognize basic, “common sense” Human Rights – like freedom of speech, freedom of self determination, freedom of travel, freedom of religion. Those with a Socialist bent place “freedom from uncomfortable feelinz”, “free(dom) of health care”, and “freedom to impose my concept of gender” on equal footing with rights that have been recognized since the Magna Carta. And, of course, those freedoms need to be arbitrarily applied and enforced with the greatest prejudice.

    • Yep, the notion of rights is fluid and I blame increasing globalism along with instant communications. Significant events, be they a trial, crime, sandal, success, or disaster, are debated around the world at the kitchen table resulting in opinions that in turn influence local decisions.

      How many DAs in this country have now refuse to prosecute ‘minor’ crimes especially if they are committed by people of color? How many school boards are now supporting CRT (even if they don’t name it)?

      How long will it be until other DAs decide to prosecute parents for something their kid did? How long will it be until local legislators decide to make parents responsible to their children’s actions?

      And the list goes on. Even if no law is changed behaviors change as a result of these stories and questions. Progressives (whatever you want to call them) seem more susceptible because their belief foundation is also fluid as we saw with the defund the police movement.

      • I just read of a case in Great Britain that was allowed to move forward. A 20-year old woman with spinal bifida is now being allowed to sue her mother’s obstetrician because he failed to properly inform the mother of the importance of dietary supplements. This, in turn led to the pregnancy which produced the litigant. She is essentially suing the doctor because she was born.

        I would think the proper response in this case would not be a lawsuit, but a bullet. Problem resolved.

  2. Because they don’t think of us as human? And that humans are a problem when not controlled.
    And humans with self-determination will only do destructive things with it. We can’t be trusted with rights. That’s why they want to kill us off.
    The question should be; What part of hypocrisy don’t you understand? And why should we do anything you hypocrites say?
    How ’bout. If elections had consequences, you would be in jail right now. And we wouldn’t still be f–cking around with daylight savings time?
    The better question is to ask them how they plan to enforce their ignorant ideas without getting their ass shot off?
    Cause we ain’t asking your permission to exercise something we have always had.

  3. Although I often provide links to tweets, I’m, not on twitter, Joe.

    Can you show the tweet he was responding to?

    • sacrebleu14 is actually a ‘she’, not a ‘he’, but it does not matter in this context.

      She actually misunderstood the person she was responding to. In terms of RKBA (ONLY!) the other person is not that much different than most of my readers. Still… I’ll post the other person’s tweet too.

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