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  1. I don’t think it’s quite as linear as that. That isn’t to say that we don’t have components of most of them up to #7 currently, but some are quite “mild” (for lack of a better word).

    Take #2 for instance…. I’ve never been “forced” to identify myself as one of the so-called “privileged” people. And the way my life is currently, I don’t feel all that privileged! As for #3 I’m sure there are parts of the “system” that have this built into it (probably have been there for decades), but so far I have not, personally, run afoul of it (and I’m at the apex of the “privilege pyramid”). Doesn’t mean it exists… In fact, I actively avoid “outing” myself to people, but that’s just me attempting to practice “grey man” life.

    So far, fortunately, I see that the .gov hasn’t taken steps to forcibly relocate people, either. And yet, I do see elements of #8 in our society today, already. After all, the Kyle Rittenhouse incident (and the entire “summer of love” as some have called it) fit the whole, “murder, theft, trial massacres” theme. The problem is, it didn’t quite go down the way it was supposed to.

    Just like the the 8 stages of civilization (https://blog.adw.org/2016/10/eight-stages-rise-fall-civilizations/ is one description), where we are currently (IMHO) spread out over stages 5, 6 &7, I believe we are rapidly approaching #8 of these 10 stages, but not all the requirements of all the previous steps are in place quite yet.

    Make no mistake, we are on that road. I fear we will reach the destination in my lifetime, which isn’t all that long anymore.

  2. We passed 8 somewhere between 4 and 5.
    Oz is working on the problems with 7 in a modern society that has easy communications. Which mean they already showed their hand.
    9 is going down as we speak on the useful idiots through vaccine therapy, rather than Zykolon B. In America, it will be a free-for-all shit-show as to who gets, “ditched”.
    And 10 never ends. It’s the natural state of government.
    Human nature dictates these things happen because we don’t have elections every 50 years. Then promptly hang all the winners. And go back to living life and being all the assholes we can be to each other.
    It would be so much easier than going thru this national/ international line of bullshit events.
    Keep it all local?

  3. ”8 is when we exercise the second FLUENTLY.”

    Against whom? The forward operatives, the ignorant goons, the drones or clueless foot soldiers, while the planners and organizers remain safe in their homes, businesses and studios or in their palaces overseas, to continue their evil unabated? In a primarily psychological, technological, economic, cultural and spiritual war, who, or what, do you shoot to save your side? Can you even define “your side” to the world with any real meaning and clarity? How do bullets overcome perceptions, especially when the purveyors of the enemy’s mindset are fully functional and disseminating their ideas, with full impunity, and in some cases even with our moral and financial support?

    Anyway, we’ve already entered #8, in case you haven’t seen the news in the last several years. But as I say, it’s all about perception. Thousands of people are shot in one city alone, while prosecutors aren’t prosecuting, and you won’t count it. You’re looking somewhere else, for some other conflict/salvation model even while the main one is on your doorstep. Many of the Jews had the same problem circa 30 AD.

    Now is a good time to look back and see the detailed warnings of Yuri Bezmenov, the defected Soviet KBG agent who had worked in their cultural subversion programs (not that any such knowledge at this point can save our republic, mind you, but so we don’t assert the lame-ass, embarrassing and utterly false excuse which says no one warned us);

    ”The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy, until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such and extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy, and that your system, your civilization, your ambitions, look to your enemy as an alternative; if not desirable then at least feasible.” — Yuri Bezmenov describing the Sun Tzu-ian tactics of Soviet-run cultural subversion programs. Full lecture here;

    That was near 40 years ago. The Soviet Union may have dissolved, but the enemy is stronger and more sure of itself than before. Much has been learned about the art and tactics of thought manipulation since then, and, while we collect guns and ammo, the enemy’s technology, network of associations, loyalties, resources, information-gathering and organizational abilities have grown substantially.

    Dear America; you could shoot at the enemy’s worker ants all you want, until you run out of ammo, your barrel is red hot and your trigger finger is worn raw (assuming you live that long), but you’ll never touch the queen. You’re not willing to even look at her. You may even work for her. You learned nothing of lasting value from the purges and book-burnings of the Middle Ages, and of the Protestant Reformation which broke free of that system, nor or the nature and purpose of your earliest settlements. You’re in full, determined and proud denial of the hard and bloody lessons learned, and so you’re doomed to live it all over again, this time with high tech and in high resolution.

    Speaking of us not knowing anything about the Reformation, here’s a remedial, or brush-up, course;

  4. As has been pointed out exactly WHO should the oppressed be targeting.
    It’s not as if the people stealing our freedom have a readily identifiable
    uniform they wear every day. But if one isn’t sure who needs to die I can
    offer up one needful target. The talking head media whores. They are
    the single most effective tool of the criminals in the war being waged on
    America and freedom. Start making those talking heads go POOF in a
    blood red mist and they’ll very quickly cease and desist in their propaganda
    war they are happily waging against us.

  5. “It’s not as if the people stealing our freedom have a readily identifiable
    uniform they wear every day. ”

    The democrat party voter rolls would beg to differ with that assertion.

  6. It doesn’t necessarily all happen in order. I think 8 is a reasonably good line in the sand. I think TPTB know it too, which is why they will try to gradually ease us into it so that, by the time enough people realize what is actually happening, it will be too late to do anything about it, all the while ridiculing slippery slope arguments as a logical fallacy.

    The USA can’t save the rest of the world’s sorry kiesters this time either, because we’re going to be too busy clearing out the rot in our own country first.

    Jefferson was right, we need a good revolution every 20 years or so, just to keep the system on its best behavior. Problem is, revolutions are messy and unpredictable, so no one in their right mind actually wants one.

    Looks to me like the next one is coming soon, regardless of what anyone might want, so batten down the hatches.

  7. #2 isn’t necessary when the targeted group voluntarily wears the identification (like long hair on hippies in the 1960’s or MAGA hats now) or is identified just by the color of the skin. Our internal enemies really wish they could make it as simple as “white skin”, but there’s a couple of problems with that: white is still the majority, and most of them are white themselves.

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