The political currency of the left

I’ve written about this before but the Rittenhouse trial provides us another data point.

One could assume, and rightly so, that from all the arson, looting, and thuggery involved in the “mostly peaceful” protest Rittenhouse attended the participants were no strangers to criminal activity. Usually the participants are masked and the general public doesn’t get to know their identities or criminal histories.

Because Rittenhouse ended up shooting three out of the four participants he had the closest contact with we learned much more about them that we normally learn.

Four is a small sample but that 100% of them had a serious criminal history tells us the odds of the majority of the complete set being non-criminals is very low. In fact, if we assume the sample was random (agreed, it is not true and it is biased in favor of my hypothesis) we can actually compute those odds. Given the assumption, the odds of 50% or more of them not being convicted criminals are 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 05 => 0.0625. That is one chance out of 16.

The political currency of the left is violence. It is part of their nature. That is why there are twice as many people in prison who identify as Democrats as all other political affiliations combined. Rittenhouse inadvertently helped us verify that.

As Larry Correia pointed out:

Mob based political violence has been a tool of dirtbags since mankind invented politics. Quit pretending that the left doesn’t do it now.

It’s the same reason when after a summer of their continual fiery rampages with billions of dollars in damage and many lives lost, when the right got a little uppity on January 6th, the left absolutely lost their shit. That’s their game. That’s their tool. The left don’t share. So their rioters are heroic champions.

That Rittenhouse didn’t take a beating and discouraged their continued criminal activities is intolerable to them and is why he must be punished.


7 thoughts on “The political currency of the left

  1. Yep. The entire Triasl was a threat to Kyle and any who would resist the Leftist thugs and Storm Troopers. You are unworthy of self-defense.

    I got a chuckle out of the Democratic Governor calling out the National Guard. He has probably been getting indications that the local police and probably many citizens are ready to defend their town from the imported Leftist trash. The trash, and their hired transport, will be on their own this time. Time to call out the gubbmint “Heavies”.

    It seems as if the Kenosha African American population has been very quiet about Jacob Blak (Sp?), the Illinois trash that was thrown out of his parent’s home and moved to Wisconsin to find targets there. He confronted police with his folding hook knife and got an appropriate response. After all, the police were protecting a Kenosha Baby Momma from Illinois trash. I guess it depends on which “identity” is more important.

  2. I take one exception to your math. That is the sample size is self selected.

    Sample filters:
    * Those that were in Kenosha for the “protests”
    * Those that were still out on the streets after dark
    * Those that were still rioting, looting, burning after dark.
    * Those that were attacking people

    By the time you get through the set of filters you are pretty much limited to the people with violent tendencies. And people with violent tendencies often have criminal histories.

    • Perhaps you missed the parts where I said the computation was for the participants of the “protest” and it was only valid “if we assume the sample was random (agreed, it is not true and it is biased in favor of my hypothesis)”.

  3. Important question: who is/are AntiFa and where do they get their funding, organization and recruitment?

    The media and the FBI seem completely unaware of all these questions. Why?

    The depth of surveillance being conducted by our government ought to provide clues as to everything about them. And, yet, we are completely in the dark.

    For a reason.

  4. And once again what the left never understands about humanity is that the harder you push, the more resistance you will encounter.
    It happens to them every time.
    And their reaction is just breeding tougher strains of humans. Immune to the bullshit.
    Right now is there anyone so insane as to believe they can get justice in the court system?
    The next Rittenhouse will take a baker’s dozen. Maybe more? And it just gets worse for the commie morons.
    The lefts political capital is stupidity. So ignorant it paralyzes your mind into non-reaction. We just can’t come to grips that something that non-sensical is actually taking place. It took a 17 year old kid to point it out to us.
    And just like Joe Biden is a senile puppet closing down pipelines. Then asking OPEC to make less money by working harder for us. It destroys itself. And us with it.

  5. Correct…the left only understands, hears and responds to VIOLENCE.
    And as long as those who oppose them decry and avoid violence then
    the left has zero need, reason or incentive to cease and desist in their
    never ending assaults on us and our freedoms. Violence is golden.
    It is the universal language that everyone grasps and will listen to.

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