Quote of the day—Gad Saad @GadSaad

To all those who thought that @joebiden was better than Trump because the latter was going to end civilization. Is Biden doing better or worse than Trump regarding the economy and the border? Please use simple words so that I can follow.

Gad Saad @GadSaad
Tweeted on October 24, 2021
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gad Saad @GadSaad

  1. Contrary to popular belief. The border and economy are humming along just as planned. It’s all going swimmingly.
    When Jenni P. told us all that 3.5 trillion wasn’t going to cost anything. She was talking about the left. It wasn’t going to them anything.
    To us it’s all lies. And for us it is. But not for them. They suffer none of their own policies.
    So is Joe Biden doing better or worse than Trump? Not from a communist perspective. Which is what’s in power.
    The problem is us. We keep refusing to believe them when they say and do, what communists always say and do.
    And we all know what happens next.

  2. Bread and circuses. Who can “provide” (although no politician ever actually provided anything to anyone) the mostest and the bestest bread and circuses? It’s all that matters to most people, and so long as that is the case, it doesn’t matter who is in office because the trajectory of the society is always going to be downward, toward coercive authoritarianism.

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