Quote of the day—Daniel Bostic @debostic

I’m still grappling with the fact that we live in a country where you can be banned, censored, and investigated for calling out irregularities and demanding audits of an election.

Truly terrifying.

Daniel Bostic @debostic
Tweeted on January 11, 2021
[Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Daniel Bostic @debostic

  1. Last November Sixth, we recognized that ,
    “Dissent’s Treasonous again, boys!”
    I look forward to the next elections when it can be said by the hoodlums in the media, “Dissent’s Patriotic again, boys!”

  2. Why can’t we get computer models on communist insurgences? I mean, just the odds alone that a senile diaper doper baby could sit in a basement for a year.
    Then come up with 11 million more votes than the most popular communist ever elected? (Obama).
    Or that the same guy could lose over 70% of those same voters in under a year? (Approval rating now 28%)
    Where’s the computer models and odds on the fraud?
    Like, we ran all the data through the big Kray, ( I’m probably dating myself with that one), and it says there was a 300% probability of massive fraud, everyone.
    Were ready to give up our life and start eating worm protein on climate modeling?
    Why not do some predictions on commies? And the destruction that will cause.
    Probably for the same reason SNL and comedy never go after congress or bureaucracy. Talk about target rich!
    Might be Dan’s still grappling with this because, Dan not very watchful?
    Sad timing to just now figure out government wants you erased and dead.
    It’s the nature of prey to never understand the trap.

  3. The wind is not blowing in our direction. It is now about safety of ‘picked’ on groups and safety of the ‘majority’. And the penalty for violating safety is cancelation.

    It has been a long time coming and it is easy to trace its history. Remember Silent Spring, Diet for a Small Planet, Future Shock, Club of Rome, the Green Revolution, the Pinto, and Martin Luther King? Then we had frequent train crashes, air plane crashes, and famines.

    Tech promised and delivered beyond our wildest expectations. It was all about safety and our growing ability to achieve it. Safety was our great leap forward led by the United States.

    Now because of the success of tech, the elites are pushing for another great leap forward (there is money to be made after all). Only now the focus is on social and righting the wrongs of the past when might was right and the best and the brightest ruled Western Civilization. Then the penalty for violating the rules was death.

    Now the view is that tech can do anything we desire and the penalty is cancelation. And since we mostly belonged to the best and brightest our group has been canceled.

    If we want to have a say about the future then we too need to be focused on safety.

  4. It’s ClownWorld. Normal people weren’t paying attention while just living their lives and allowed the criminal left to seize power and institute this insanity. It’s sad and regretful but it happened. And there’s no undoing their agenda that doesn’t involve violence and bloodshed. They seized control and will never ever relinquish it peacefully or voluntarily.

  5. “You ain’t seen nothin’, yet!”

    Any civilization is three missed meals away from revolution.

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