Quote of the day—Kimberly McHale

Not once does Abbott ever mention any actual gun policy change to help this from happening again. He especially doesn’t acknowledge the passing of his new permitless gun carry law that directly affects Texans’ ability to easily access guns more than ever.

Sen. Ted Cruz has also echoed similar sentiments and never touched on the actual issues that have led to the increase in school shootings throughout the state and country.

It is apparent that these politicians’ thoughts and prayers are not enough anymore. We must also hold our government to a higher standard. They must provide better laws, policy change, and gun regulations to our state and country. Our students, parents, and school faculties deserve better than just a familiar script of empty promises without any real changes ever being made.

Kimberly McHale
October 20, 2021
When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough
[Not once does McHale ever mention that gun control has never increased public safety. Not once does McHale ever mention that more government control is sometimes the wrong answer. Not once does McHale ever mention someone are willing to shoot innocent people is not going to be deterred by a legal requirement to get a permit to carry. Not once does McHale even mention that infringing specific enumerated rights is a felony punishable by death.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kimberly McHale

  1. Not once did Ms.(?) McHale mention that the wannabe gang member was in violation of several existing laws, including assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, and passion of a firearm at school. Nor did she(?) mention that the shooter was released on bail one day after the shooting when his family posted $75.000 bond.

  2. ” When I heard the news, I held my breath.” Apparently not long enough? Please, could make it like 20 minutes next time? And spare us another truckload of emotional bullshit.
    Why not get rid of schools? They have far outlived their mandate. And a lot less bloody to pull off.
    Troubled youth? Why wasn’t the “youth” the focus of the the article? Oh no. It’s much easier to take away 100’s of millions of guns. From over a 100 million gun owners. Than to fix the problem Kimberly’s kind created.
    And it will never occur to them to think of themselves as the real problem.
    Or that making an example out of, “troubled youth”, in the form of public hanging might help all the others understand a little better?
    Truly amazing. How communism has trained the thought process right out of them.
    I was a troubled youth. With plenty of guns at hand. And knowledge to use them. Never a thought to use one on my enemies. What changed?
    People like Kimberly running things is what changed.
    And the fact we no longer apply Joe’s answer.

  3. “Sen. Ted Cruz has also echoed similar sentiments and never touched on the actual issues that have led to the increase in school shootings throughout the state and country.”

    Neither do YOU, dear. Not once.

  4. You have to hand it to this McHale person. She’s a brilliant wordsmith (or she hired one) for the cause of evil. This quote of hers is almost papal encyclical level material. Telling a great lie like that requires study, a depth of understanding of how truth tellers tell the truth. It requires careful thought about how to formulate a lie to mimic truth. This is excellent. She’s engaging in strategic weapons grade lying. At least give her (or her writer) some credit here.

    Of course the flip side for her is that displaying such a knowledge of how truth works will speed up her conviction at her trial. You other Progressives, totalitarians, papists, jesuits, fascists, et al take note. Sometimes it’s better to feign stupidity than to incriminate yourself with such a display of understanding and clarity.

  5. When you believe that you have the moral high ground, reality aside, there is never a thought or even need to consider that there may be flaws in your reasoning. I think one of the more glaring omissions of our compromised education system is the lack of teaching true critical thinking. Rather than push critical race theory (a fine and erudite sounding name for a wicked and evil concept) we should really be pushing for teaching students how to formulate questions that require direct answers without room for rationalization or obfuscation. When a sufficient number of people hold those skills, we will have herd immunity in regards to the propaganda viruses intentionally released by all radical positions and proponents regardless of subject, politics, religion, medicine or science.

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