9 thoughts on “You cannot comply

  1. Wait, but what if I love puppies, long walks on the beach, butterflies, and snuggling on the couch in front of the fireplace drinking hot cider while listening to NPR, and I hate the right to keep and bear arms and I support Democrats and Catholic charities? Will that save me?

    Of course, supporting Republicans won’t save you either, but at least you have your choice of the poison by which you’ll die.

    I realized a while back that we’ve officially achieved third-world status. For a while we’ve been a Balkanized society, sure, and with massive government intervention in the economy resulting in a constant degradation of economic freedom, but the clincher is that since 2020 we even have a president in exile!

    Unfortunately, the preponderance of the people in these situations have never fully understood what had been happening to their country all their lives until the jack boot connected firmly with their bottom and they were already behind the razor wire, and oftentimes not even then have they understood.

    At a certain level, nothing ever changes but the names and the pretenses and other such irrelevant details. But all we are capable of focusing on are those irrelevant details, and so we convince ourselves that things are different this time. They never, ever are.

    “But comrade; there’s been a mistake! I don’t belong here! Ask the commissar! He’ll tell you that I’ve always been a faithful servant of the motherla…”

    We’ll never learn. It is a clinical, psychological impossibility. Unless, that is, you understand Scripture, but in this enlightened age who pays any attention to that anymore?

  2. What I find amazing (or not) is that if Trump had mandated a vaccine a court would have issued an injunction. But since it is not Trump, no judge including SCOTUS, will even entertain such action. And do not comply is so unacceptable that it needs to be punished with all the might of the state.

    It all depends upon which way the wind is blowing. I suspect that also applied to our fight against king George.

  3. Agreed. You can’t. But, a lot of people are going to try anyway.

    I don’t know how to warn them off effectively.

  4. “You can vote your way in but you have to shoot your way out.”

    Just waitin’ here for the exit plan to be implemented, boss. Oughtta be a doozey.

  5. History is replete with examples of why this is true. Yet, as we are seeing now the state has virtually unlimited powers to ask, demand, and coerce BECAUSE we have become focused on safety. No amount of money or effort is too much to achieve safety even if it saves no one. Kids are not allowed to be unsupervised. We panic over the thought of a kidnapping even though it is mostly a domestic issue. And now it is COVID. We have to be safe and our officials must make us safe. It is do something do anything and then call it science.

    And unlike many examples in history, we have developed and deployed tech that makes 1984’s surveillance state look primitive. And in order to feel safe we can put those tools into use. Those who object will have the full force of the state used against them. We won’t need prisons, reeducation camps, firing squads, and interment camps because we can do all of that and more virtually.

    We are sliding in to an authoritarian society so we can feel safe. Consensus is mandatory and individual freedom is dangerous. We’re not going to be able to fight our way out. If it saves just one life it is worth it even if it takes millions other virtual lives.

  6. The problem I see is that we keep looking for “safe”. As Chet and others have mentioned. It’s a lie that’s the gold standard of authority since the dawn of time. What’s seems new is that we no longer feel the need to be on guard.
    If one is raised with the idea of life as being a struggle. And that many are out to do you harm. Especially those seeking power over you. We might not have been so easily played?
    If you would have peace, prepare for war? On a more personal level?
    And Joe. As for bunkers, empty con-ex boxes are going cheap if you have away to haul them. Stack and weld as desired. A few more eco-blocks and you can be the most up armored guy east of Moscow, fast like!

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