Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

Nothing more clearly illustrates gun control lack of success than the situation in King County. It is reflective of the national trend revealed in the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020, showing murders up by 30 percent nationwide. If restricting the gun rights of law-abiding citizens worked, this should not be the case.

Alan Gottlieb
CCRKBA Chairman
October 13, 2021
[Gottlieb’s statement presumes facts not in evidence. Namely, that the goal of gun control advocates is a reduction in violent crime.

Gottlieb knows their goal has nothing to do with reduction of violent crime. He said so 25 years ago. But the useful idiots and the mainstream media (yes, I’m repeating myself) believe that is the reason for and the achievable result of gun control.

I think it’s long past time to make the useful idiots aware of the truth and have them confront the liars. It would be a good first step toward the trials.—Joe]


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  1. Completely right Joe. That’s the nature of politics. Maybe the problem lies with us not looking at politics as and living organism?
    If one brings up a problem directly. And finds a simple answer in law. Then a solution can be found. And politics is no longer needed. AKA. Dead.
    And that doesn’t work for politicians.
    The liberal application of the 2A, and laws 241 &242. Would end almost a 100 years of political pay-ola to the big guys.
    It’s not really a wonder why no one above the street ever brings up the rock solid ground of the 2A in court. It’s way to simple.
    I mean it’s not like it hasn’t been in their face for over 200 years now?
    A civilized trial would be nice. But these are politics organisms. There’s nothing civil about them. Nor will they ever concede to the real argument peacefully.

  2. The “success” of gun control would have to be predicated on the INTENTIONS of those pushing for it. If the true goal was less crime and more safety than it’s blatantly obvious that the insanity of gun control is exactly that….insanity.

    BUT….if you are in a position of power and don’t give a red rats ass about how safe society is or how much violent crime occurs but are instead obsessed with acquiring and maintaining your grasp on power then forcing gun control onto everyone is an ideal methodology to prevent the peons you intend to rule from tossing you from power.

    THAT is how gun control must be looked at.

  3. Please direct your attention to the website of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. NYAGV.org. Their banner goal is to advocate and educate to reduce gun violence. I don’t know how anyone can claim that reducing crime is not the stated goal of the gun control advocates. Guns aren’t violent, people are violent. The anti-gun groups are living in some type of fantasy world.

    • Dude, I can put up a website that says I can fly, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    • Key word, “stated” goal. Infamous serial killer, Ted Buddy “stated” a lot of things to his victims. All lies. One can “state” anything, but it is by one’s consistent actions over time his the actual intent can be discovered.

      It’s a simple matter of understanding how deception works. Much of the world runs on deception, and so you’d best be aware of it so you can spot it when it accosts you (which is every day).

      • The problem however is that one cannot rightly comprehend deception without knowing something of God’s own truth, AND accepting it, and THAT is the shortcoming of this world.

  4. I don’t think Gottlieb’s statement makes the assumption you say it does. Perhaps it could be argued that it’s phrased “as if” that were the goal.

  5. I maintain that gun control works practically every time it’s tried. It works to destabilize, corrupt and soften up a society, but especially it alters the people’s discernment, so that we can be more easily manipulated. It’s a matter of who it is that’s seen as the authority in a society, and those who control the guns almost always constitute that authority. You and I both know that that controlling authority in the U.S. is our corrupt government. Even though we may be allowed to keep certain guns, it is that government which decides. Even if we rebel against it, we all know who holds the power, and THAT is the point!

    ”…the useful idiots and the mainstream media believe that [safety] is the reason for and the achievable result of gun control.”

    Also not in evidence. The fact that someone pretends to believe something doesn’t mean they actually believe it. This is at the same time blatantly obvious to all, and extremely difficult for anyone to fully realize. The story of The Emperor’s New Clothes is a good example, and it is most especially good (relevant) in its utter ridiculousness. In the story, all but the most hypnotized, or literally blind, people knew very well that the emperor was naked, but only a single, most innocent child dared say so. Most of the world today operates by exactly the same mechanisms. Those in media have a job to do, and whether they like it or not it would be contrary to the self interest of the individuals involved if they were to speak the truth. Like the citizens of the fictitious kingdom in the story, they’ll keep their mouths shut and go along, out of self interest, with the morbid insanity, even knowing full well, in some cases, that it is indeed insanity.

    “Plata o plumo” (you can have our silver or our lead) is and always has been extremely effective at keeping people in line.

    But it gets much worse than that! Others are all in for the cause, of which only they have been fully informed, and will happily and proudly lie for that “much larger” cause to which they are dedicated, knowing that they’re causing mass destruction but believing that they’re doing a great work in the process.

    “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.” Some communist son of a bitch said it ~100 years ago, but we’re still struggling to comprehend it in its implications.

    I suppose we just can’t comprehend evil for what it is, and therefore we’ll make up, in our own minds, anything besides evil in an attempt to make it understandable or relatable. And that is why this world will fall to the forces of evil entirely. We will not allow ourselves to identify the enemy. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to face judgement for our own sins, nor the plan of salvation which waits for us longingly and patiently, and so we sweep the entire world conflict under the rug of our imaginations, and we pretend that it’s all because of something, anything, else.

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