Quote of the day—Magus Melanie @MagusMelanie

Looks like I’ve angered a lot of <100 accounts desperate to prove their guns are bigger than their cocks

Magus Melanie @MagusMelanie
Tweeted on August 13, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

We have SCOTUS decisions. The best they can bring to the party are childish insults.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Magus Melanie @MagusMelanie

  1. Thanks for visiting all those strange-ass places, Joe. Those folks seem more confused than Joe Biden at a presser.
    And without you I would never have dreamed such primitive people existed. Scary. Thanks!

    • And touching compensation and firearms. Not sure it has much to do with dick size. But now I know I’m totally under-gunned for the amount of idiots out there. And again, Thanks for pointing that out Joe!

  2. desperate to prove their guns are bigger than their cocks

    Oh, you win, @MagusMelanie. I can’t prove to you that my firearms are larger than my John Thomas. I shall have to be content with you perceiving that my suppressed M-14 cannot make eye contact in awkward embarrassment whilst in the presence of my trouser artillery.

  3. I don’t care if my gun is bigger than my genitals. Odds are that any firearm is larger than my genitals. So what?

    I watch a lot of foreign cop shows. Most of the US based cop shows have gotten to be complete mess.

    Lead: “Ok, techie, you’ve determined that it is a 9mm pistol with 10 lands and 10 grooves with a left hand twist. And that makes it a Glock 87?”
    Tech: “Yes, and I looked in the gun registry and there are 217 registered Glock 87s in the county.”
    Lead: “That’s too many. Can you reduce that number?”
    Tech: “Sure, diddly dee, diddly dum, tapity tap tap. Look, there are only 3 people it could be!”
    Lead: “A and B, you go to 1, C and D to 2, I’ll take 3.”
    (end scene)

    Sorry, digression on digression. The thing I noticed about foreign police shows is that the cops never seem to respect the rights of the people. In UK shows, they are forever searching homes and businesses without warrants and only after they find something, getting a warrant.

    They are forever just pushing into peoples homes.

    For all the noise about how bad cops are in the US, they are the most respectful in the world when outside of GFZ. I.e. Cop showed up at my door looking for husband of friend that was staying with us. No shove in the door. No insisting they be allowed to search. I told him to get off my porch. Stepped out and had a conversation with him. While armed.

    He got in his car and drove away.

    A cop knows that the person he is interacting with could be armed. And that means things could go south in a hurry. He only has two options, the quick take down, or to make sure it never comes to violence.

    In the US the quick take down isn’t allowed in freer states. Thus they work hard at making sure they are polite and things don’t come to violence.

    Our 2A gives us that polite cop. All the other rights? Those other countries have some version or another of them. But those cops don’t care.

    The fact that their media shows this as “common” even when the cop is suppose to be a good cop tells me much about their opinion of their police.

  4. “The best they can bring to the party are childish insults.”</em?

    Well, yes, childish insults and all the power that a fiendishly corrupt government can bring to bear, the combination of which is quite horrible.

  5. We can keep ignoring them, the problem is they’re not going away.

  6. It sure isn’t Us thats Obsessed with Crotches.
    Can we say Crazy Ass Gender Benders.

    per there book.
    Accuse Others of what They Are Doing.
    Typical Commie crap.

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