SCOTUS decisions mean nothing

From Newsweek (emphasis added):

Millions of Americans could be forced out of their homes after the Biden administration declined to extend the federal eviction ban put in place last September to protect tenants during the pandemic. The White House said Thursday that it would not extend the moratorium, citing a Supreme Court decision last month against an extension past July.

Bush and Pressley spearheaded a letter to Biden Saturday—signed by six others including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota—calling for “an urgent government response,” according to Politico. “Extending the eviction moratorium is a matter of life and death for the communities we represent,” they wrote.

Rep. Maxine Waters of California called on Biden to issue an executive order to “expand and extend” the moratorium on CNN Saturday, criticizing the president for following the Supreme Court’s ruling. “We thought that the White House was in charge,” she said. “We have families, probably 11 million families, out there who stand to be evicted.”

I grant you that Rep Waters isn’t the sharpest Fruit Loop in the knife drawer, but her “thought” seems to be shared by others. This appears to include the writer of the article. I find this “thought” of hers extremely telling. She and others do not regard SCOTUS decisions as binding on the executive or legislative branch.

This is truly scary stuff. Make appropriate preparations.


15 thoughts on “SCOTUS decisions mean nothing

  1. The ugly reality is that Court Decisions ONLY MATTER to leftists when said decision SERVES THEIR AGENDA. If it doesn’t than as far as they are concerned it’s no more relevant than that old scrap of toilet paper we call the Constitution.
    The left has proven repeatedly that they simply DO WHAT THEY WANT. And
    why shouldn’t they. They face no consequences, pay no price, suffer no punishements for doing so. And until that fact changes they will continue to do whatever they wish without regard to ethics, morality or law.

    • As many before have said, the Left will continue until they are stopped.

      You do not argue with the Terminator. You do not plead with the Terminator. You do not show the Terminator a cease and desist order. There is only one way to stop the Terminator.

  2. Very scary stuff, this.

    Dan (above) has the gist of it, and the DO WHAT THEY WANT part, were the Left much less insulated, and a lot smarter, would be cause for their leadership to quickly and firmly rein in its troops.

    Here’s why: if SCOTUS decisions can be wilfully ignored, why should Presidential Executive Orders be regarded with any greater reverence? Or, for that matter, any Congressionally-passed statute? If that should become commonplace, welcome to a very large, very complex and very powerful society operating WROL, affecting not just what government attempts but everything all the way down to dealing with crime and enforcement of basic business contracts.

    That ought to be keeping some people awake at night; doesn’t seem to be having that effect, though.

    Stalin is alleged to have asked Winston Churchill “how many divisions does the Pope have?” in reference to Churchill’s comment about the effect religion has on a state’s ability to act. The U.S. President commands a number of divisions among the five branches of the U.S. military; there are a great many more unorganized divisions distributed throughout the United States, more than enough to dwarf the military, and for the moment uncommitted and unled, but that’s subject to very rapid change.

    In the movie Tombstone the Doc Holliday character states in reference to Wyatt Earp’s intent to seek retribution for the death of one of his brothers and injury of another that Earp is not seeking vengeance but a reckoning. That should be cause for more sleepless nights in some places, for should it occur it will not be performed in accordance with any rules, nor will it end before everything is scrubbed shiny clean, right down to the pavement.

    What’s left may not be to anyone’s liking.

  3. I don’t think the Biden administration, or most leftists for that matter, give a moment’s thought to the possibility that they may tip the applecart at some point and suffer grave consequences. They ignore any possibility that their chokehold might be broken. Look at what has been done since the very first day of the administration. Every facet of our lives has been affected. Pushback? Not as I’ve seen so far and not likely. Their MSM has even suppressed to almost nonexistence their probable illigitimacy.

  4. Good comments all. I would posit the Biden/Harris were installed, by someone that thinks it’s go time?
    Remember how people use to buy houses for rentals? Well, after a year of no rent. In a good sellers market. Blackrock is right there to help with your trouble. Hook that up to inflation. And two million new democrat voters being imported. (The ones being counted). And Blackrock will be getting a return on YOUR money like nobody ever dreamed.
    As most slumlords get paid exorbitant amounts by HUD. Guaranteed rent money. No shortage of renters, just makes the rent higher.
    Were being hung with the rope they bought here. With our money.
    Biden is just the guy everyone is pointing their guns at. As he obviously no longer has the capacity to think on his own.
    This is all a good plan if your the real Dr. Evil. Profit and destruction go hand in hand. Once you tune out the human misery, it’s all good.

  5. “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

    –Andrew Jackson

    Presented without further comment.

  6. The eviction ban was so poorly thought out. Once it was put in place, you’re faced with two choices:

    1.) keep it forever and never rescind it, which is obviously not possible

    2.) find a time to rescind at some point in the future and face millions of evictions, as all of the renters who’ve fallen behind on rent (because you don’t have to pay it, you see?) and now are facing an insurmountable debt that they can never pay, will get evicted all at once.

    How the hell was this supposed to help anyone?

    And all the congresscritters decrying the end of the eviction ban, I’d like to ask each and every one of you: when? When will it be ok to rescind it? Because every month it’s in place, the debt-bomb for all the people not paying their rent is just getting bigger and more insurmountable. You have to do it eventually, so when?

    • When? Never. It’s part of the master plan to destroy capitalism.

      [Not entirely kidding.]

      • I wonder that about myself nearly every day. I don’t rent my home but there are many other things. Such as the whole no prosecutions for thefts of less than $1000 crap. Or minor cheating on my taxes.

        The way I resolve it is that I want a clear conscience should there come a time when it becomes necessary to start shooting the commies. I want to be able to say and know that I played by the rules until I was pushed too far. The scumbags have been playing on the other side of the rules for decades and if it comes time to see who the winner of the end game is then I want all the Karma on my side when I pull the trigger.

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