Quote of the day—Robbin Hood @HadokenLineStep

It on me at all times nor do feel rhe need to own anything bigger than sig because I’m not compensating for a micropenis

Robbin Hood @HadokenLineStep
Tweeted on May 25, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.

But he does need something compensate for his spelling, grammar, and punctuation.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robbin Hood @HadokenLineStep

  1. Interesting how he spells “micropenis” perfectly, however. Perhaps he has learned to spell it–or more likely, his autocorrect has–from all his Google searches for child porn.

    • If they keep pushing the idea that minor children who cannot get a tattoo or ear piercing without parental approval are capable of deciding about abortions or transgender changes rendered permanent by puberty blocking drugs, we may have a lot more people with micropenii than ever before. I’m sure that since his renders him capable of rape, just as a firearm renders someone capable of murder, he would be more than happy to supply his to someone in that allegedly non-existent class of people who regret their Teen transgendered experiences.
      And even if he isn’t so generous as he wants others to be with their lives, why should he keep something he wrongly and mendaciously kept someone else from having?

  2. Hey, someone worse than me at this grammar/spelling stuff! I don’t feelz so bads no’s more!
    One no longer need wonder what Robbin is over-compensating for. (Put a flashlight to the base of his skull. I bet it would shine out his eyes.)

    Hey hon, do you think I’m in constant fear? And that’s why I carry a gun?
    No. But everyone one around you is. It’s not the gun, love. It’s just your a big ugly bastard.
    Think I might be trying to make up for my penis size?
    If that were the case, Don’t you think you would carry the Super Redhawk all the time? Not that silly XDS 9.
    Aaah, Thanks hon! That’s why I love you so much!

  3. He does realize that SIG manufactures and sells AR-15 variants, along with their own proprietary Evil Black Rifle models, right?

    It’s not outside the realm of possibility that when he says he doesn’t “feel rhe [sic] need to own anything bigger than sig [sic]”, that AR-15s are included.

    Just sayin’.

    (Also, in the interest of encouraging gun companies to engage with the public, I could further say that if a dumb-@$$ like this owns a SIG, that makes me less likely to want to purchase one. You hear that, SIG? What will you do about that?) 😉

  4. Well, I do want something like the Silencerco Maxim 9, but chambered and tuned for .450 SMC. If it had a Boberg action, it’d be a bit smaller, but I’d really like it to keep a 1911-type single action trigger. Doublestack magazine? Yes, please. And since an integrally suppressed pistol like a Maxim has a big front face, put an solid LED RGB array on the front so you can light up white, red or dazzle, with a magnetic battery cut-off so the light will turn on when drawn.

    Am I compensating for something? Probably not, because I just like the engineering, all kinds of mixing the peanut butter with the dark chocolate. If someone reads the above and thinks “genitals”, that’s inside their head, not mine. Gross.

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