Quote of the day—John Ales AF @IAmJohnAles

$1,000 per bullet.

That’s my solution.

John Ales AF @IAmJohnAles
Tweeted on July 12, 2021
[Apparently Mr. Ales has never heard of the 2nd Amendment or the black market. I blame government schools. Or he could just be evil.—Joe]


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  1. he may be a bit stupid. or, maybe he has never had the native wit to conceive of a situation in which he might be in dire need of one. i kinda favor stupid.

    • Aren’t both choices the same? To be an adult and not be able to foresee something that is happening every weekend in near triple digits in the major democrat-run cities in America (Redundancy alert!) seems to me to be total stupidity, no matter how he wishes to hide it.

  2. $1000 / bullet will lead to a LOT of home-made bullets, and nearly every shooter will be getting into reloading and shooting home-cast lead, or home-swaged bullets made with Corbin bullet-jacket swaging equipment. And .22 LR will almost completely dry up.

    That’s all assuming, of course, that the tyrants don’t get run out of office on a rail after being properly tarred and feathered, and the law repealed.

  3. Well two can play at this game of course. How about a tax on leftists to help pay reparations for the enormously destructive and often deadly consequences that their policies and world views have inflicted upon all industries and on individuals in all walks of life?

    Yes, two sides can play at this game if necessary, and the left (Rome) will lose in the end. The side of liberty has all of the true credibility and can site the far more evil and deadly consequences of leftist (Romish) views compared to the freedom and prosperity which results from embracing the perfect law of liberty.

    But there is only one force which can remove evil from the world, and it isn’t among Mankind, so anyone attempting to play the game of “blame the other guy” for the fact that we are a fallen species is making a huge mistake. We CAN on the other hand point out the difference between good and evil– The global, political left, and the Roman ecumenical church (that whore of Babylon) which encourages it and sets the agenda, is an evil force, and will do far more and greater evil before it’s all done.

    I point out that the mindset on display by John Ales AF @IAmJohnAles doesn’t just want to prevent you from having guns, it wants to prevent you from exercising any individual freedom of conscience or freedom of initiative (unless of course it is in harmony with the globalist, Marxist, Romish world view), AND it wants to rob you, kill you, take your land and buildings, burn them, and then dance on the ash heap while crowing like a proud rooster.

    But even with all that, we are enjoined to “forgive them…for they know not what they do”.

  4. (Addressed to Mr. “John Ales”:)

    $10,000 per stupid Tweet. $100,000 per church service. $1 million per book. $10 million per peaceful protest. That’s another solution on the same vein.

    And you don’t even want to see the tax if you want to avoid an unlawful search or demand your right to trial-by-jury. We’ll be charging billions for each. (But somehow, I think the Left will still find a way to exceed the budget.)

    “But, but, but… First Amendment! Fourth Amendment! Fifth Amendment!” I hear you crying. I’m just showing the exact same respect for those that you’ve shown for the Second, dumb@$$.

    As Joe says, “Enjoy your trial.” (And the 10-figure tax that comes with having one. If you can’t afford that, you can always exercise your right to plead guilty. That’s still free … for now.)

  5. “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
    H.L. Mencken, maybe.

    Please shut up, John. You got stupid on everybody, and now we have to clean it up. Gah, I’ve got some in my hair.

    • It is Mencken.
      A website called Quote Investigator found something by H.L. Mencken in a 1920 collection of essays called “Prejudices: Second Series”. The third chapter titled “The Divine Afflatus” discussed the mysterious spark of inspiration and creativity in the arts and letters.
      “Explanations exist; they have existed for all time; there is always a well-known solution to every human problem—neat, plausible, and wrong.”

      • He seems to be saying that the conventional wisdom is always wrong.

  6. $20,000 msrp for that box of .223. Now on sale for 99.9% off. Sale ends NEVER.

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