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in you cannot. nor can you Viagra without a (real) doctor note though the latter would be better use of those tiny, limp penises

Brant Lambermont @brantlambermont
Tweeted on June 13, 2021
[They use childish insults because it’s the best they can come up with.

He was replying to this tweet from David Hogg:

It shouldn’t be legal to buy guns, gun parts or bullets off the internet.

On the other hand I am of the opinion that a gun is like a book. Possession, use, and purchase is a specific enumerated right. You should be able to be purchase them anyway, anytime, and anywhere.—Joe]


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  1. Not surprisingly, that quote has the literacy level of a 5 year old.

  2. Actually, he is completely wrong.

    Up here in Canada you can absolutely buy guns and ammo over the internet. We have to have a license, but one of the advantages is that it is federal, so every gun owner in Canada is essentially the equivalent of their own FFL.

    I can go to a dealer’s website and order guns and ammo directly, and it will ship to my door, even if the dealer is in another province (state). I can also do my own imports if I really wanted to, and the government will give me an import permit as an individual. Most people go through a dealer/importer because it is a lot of hassle, but in theory you could do your own.

    With the demise of gun registry for normal sporting/hunting longarms, we can also do private sales, over the internet or any other way we like, including across provincial(state) borders. The only exception is handguns and some rifles and carbines, which are still registered. In which case both buyer and seller have to phone the RCMP to transfer the registration to the buyer.

  3. It shouldn’t be legal to be David Hogg and say stupid crap on the Internet, either.

  4. Making penis jokes about us is just their way of overcompensating for brain size. And the lack thereof on their part.
    They say proper nutrition in the first five years of life is vital for development of one’s mental faculties latter in life.
    Hogg is obviously a Dollar store baby. I’m sure they have something similar in Canada?

  5. Actually, I would disagree that a gun is like a book, for (what seems to me) a very important reason.

    Guns fulfill multiple roles in the conversation. By contrast, if a particular book is declared illegal, and the police have proof that you own two copies of that book, they’re not going to threaten you with books to make you comply with the law.

    Similarly, it may be against the law for a person to drive without a license. But if the police catch you doing it, they won’t arrest you with their assault vehicles drawn and aimed at you.

    The fact that guns are what some people want to ban, AND the ultimate means of enforcing such a ban, makes the conversation complicated and interesting. It also exposes hypocrisy particularly well among gun banners. (It would be tempting to start an organization, composed solely of people who announce loudly that Guns must not be used to protect them… and then ask certain prominent politicians if they will join that organization.)

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