Quote of the day—Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan

Here’s how you take on #BigTech:

-Speed up the legal process to break them up.

-Take away their liability protections by killing Section 230 as we know it.

-Create a private right of action to sue the companies when they censor you.

We’re drafting a bill to do just that.

Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan
Tweeted on June 23, 2021
[I would like to see 1,000 old laws wiped from the books for each new law they pass. Even then, I would like to see serious discussion on how we can achieve the desired goals without any new laws.

That said, something along these lines does have some appeal.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan

  1. Easy. The SCOTUS decided that Article I, Sec. ! of the Constitution.
    All legislative powers herein are vested in the congress of the united states, Which shall consist of a senate and a house of representatives.
    As meaning; since ALL Legislative was given to them. They could give it to whomever they liked.
    The fix? Enforce the separation of powers. Make the court revisit it’s ruling. Because it was wrong in the first place.
    If congress don’t write it, and pass it. It don’t get enforced.

    • I think the real problem, well known as far back as 1803, is that the words “herein granted” are ignored. If politicians were to obey that, and exercise only the powers actually granted — whether in article 1 section 8 or in one of the amendments that grants additional powers — life would be a whole lot better. And nearly all of the parasites in DC would have to go looking for honest employment.

  2. He’s trying. It’s a doomed effort without doubt but at least it’s an effort.
    Big Tech has ALREADY bought more than enough congresscritters
    to insure such legislation is DOOMED before the ink dries. As for legal
    recourse? Grow up. We do NOT have a “justice” system. We have a
    LEGAL system….one that long ago was perverted and suborned and now
    serves ONLY special interests….like Big Tech.

  3. Outlaw the use of another person’s information without permission and payment. This will destroy the tech oligarch’s business model and open up the industry to other modes of operation.

    • You give permission whenever you click the little box next to “I agree to the terms and conditions” when you sign up for any service these days. And the company can make a good argument that you are being paid for use of your information via access to the service free of charge. For instance, Gmail. Of which, admittedly, I am a user.

  4. Nah. This idiots favored approach is authoritarian in style and deed.

    Better would be to
    – Remove all liability protections from corporations that exceed those for individuals
    – Remove the ability of State and local laws to prohibit competition in providing internet service

    My favorite thought, though, is to junk 80% of all laws on the books, State and Federal, including the regulations promulgated by various non-legislative bureaus and departments. Take your own pick of which to bin – it doesn’t matter to me.


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