Quote of the day—Ian Janssen @ianfjanssen

Lots of boys with toys in this thread. Someday maybe they’ll grow up, probably not. Clutch your microdicks harder in apocalyptic fantasy.

Ian Janssen @ianfjanssen
Tweeted on June 15, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.

Or political opponents are so boring. All they have is childish insults when we have SCOTUS decisions. You would think they could come up with a different insult, but apparently they just don’t have the mental capacity for that.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ian Janssen @ianfjanssen

  1. Oh that’s rich. Someone from the left worried about my apocalyptic fantasies?
    Kind of like global warming? Global cooling, oh, global climate change! White supremacy? Gun ownership in general? Capital insurrection anyone?
    Communist’s always start a conversation about what their afraid of.
    Most always an ignorant nothing-burger. That’s going to destroy everything!
    If my dick ever gets measured against communist logic. I could make John Holmes blush.

  2. Wait, so are my big guns compensation for my small penis, or are they for boosting my apocalyptic fantasies? Make up your mind. And what about people with apocalyptic fantasies who also have large penises?

    And what about people with no penises at all, and no apocalyptic fantasies, who just want to be able to defend themselves and their families and livelihoods?

    What about people who have fire extinguishers in their homes? Are they suffering from some sexual shame, or do they have Back Draft Movie fantasies, or are they incipient arsonists just itching for a good fire?

    And anyway, who has been promulgating the post apocalypse fantasy genera? Is it the NRA, or Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, or has it always been the leftist (Jesuit) movie and TV industries?

    Right, so don’t make up a whole fantasy genera, promote it for generations, and then try to hang it around my neck as though it were all my idea!

    And let’s dispense with Rambo too. Your people, leftists, in the entertainment industry, made that up.

    As for the penis thing, “Just because I have a big gun doesn’t mean I have a small penis. That’s purely a coincidence.” — The Yankee Marshall

  3. There’s a reason they don’t come up with another insult. Anything else will expose them as the useless, ineffective pansies they are.

    Say that they were to say, “I don’t need a gun, I can win a fight without one.” What will they do when someone calls them out? Or, “I don’t need to have a gun to prove I’m a man. I’m a master auto mechanic.” Does anyone honestly think that they can even drive a stick shift, let alone fix one?

    However, when they use the penis comparison, they are counting on people not to call them on it, since viewing their junk is something not advised for at least two hours after a meal.

    Any time someone uses the gun/penis analogy, it’s a safe bet that they do little in life other than sitting indoors, gossiping and making catty remarks about people behind their back.

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