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What happens in America in the next 50 years matters more to the human species than the Industrial Revolution. More than the Reformation. More than both world wars. We are living through the most significant time since Jesus Christ walked the earth.

Milo Yiannopoulos@m
Posted on June 13, 2021
[I’m willing to accept the hypothesis as plausible. But I’m going to need more evidence to be convinced.—Joe]


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  1. The evidence is all around. While we have not yet succeeded in building a human like AI wrapped up in a robot, we have have allowed an AI system to flourish, that we could call Skynet, a complex JIT world that just works despite the flaws of humans and their institutions. Just look at one part of Skynet – the internet. How is it even possible? There is no one in charge (that was the given by ARPA 50 years ago) that now has a life of its own beyond control of the woke but I fear not beyond their power to destroy it.

    If Skynet is destroyed it may not be possible to create it again and we would enter a new dark age. Just think back to our childhoods and what life was like. That’s a best case if the woke are successful in destroying Skynet and its foundations in western civilization.

    • The issues in the next 50 years will involve technology, but it’s the human condition that will make or break us.,

      • Yep, it is the human condition that is the foundation of the tech. The central condition for its continue functioning is individual freedoms in the human condition. Wokism by contrast wants total control and rejects individual freedoms.

  2. It seems to me that wokism will be very short lived. It was engineered to reduce a certain portion of our population to uselessness. Thereby slowing the system.
    But to far outside the realm of livability to actually survive as a system.
    Just as we saw with BLM leadership. Communism doesn’t stand a chance against human nature. Especially a human nature that is so full of self-esteem.
    Obama is a classic example. He wouldn’t last 10 mins. as a gun toting communist revolutionary.
    To me the long play is to take us out as world leaders. Were there.
    But were not a people willing to stay down for very long. And what gets destroyed will be rebuilt even stronger.
    God created us a continent of bad-asses. And we scare the crap out of the rest of the world.
    Wokism is just a virus taking out the weak-minded. But it’s also building a tougher immune system in everyone else.

    • As for the next 50 years being the most significant? Now who’s the boomer, Milo?

    • I agree, but it will not very short lived despite the fact that we’re already starting to see push back on CRT, on Fauci, and to an less extent BLM (it is still too hot a potato, but it is cooling).

      Wokism has already done a lot damage that will take years to recover. And it will leave scars. What are the odds that we will fire all woke employees in the federal, state, and local institutions, along with the many HR and SJWs in companies? How long will it take for the demoralized police to recover from defund the police?

      • Certainly. Damage is tough to recover from. It will take years. Maybe never. But do we really need all the window dressing of today?
        And after they defund police. move in MS-13. You going to act like a civilized Wokey ever again?
        Will your children?
        Without police. Some building inspector going to tell you to stop the addition to your house? How much money and headache would that save you?
        Or that you and your friends can’t run off the homeless junkies invading the local park?
        Most of the problems in society today are caused by government. And government enforcers.
        Wokism is just pointing out that fact to the more intelligent ones.

  3. And speaking of significant. What do you IT/Tech folks think about the Sempre 5G system?
    Think it’s on the up & up?
    Would be cool to boost rural trade.

    • Where there is a demand there is a way. I had hoped in the 90s that the internet would allow living from anywhere, but I like so many we migrated to a big tech center. Now 30 years later we may be seeing the beginning of a mass movement towards decentralized living arrangements.

      The one good thing that has come out of the lockdowns is that many people realize that the rat race in density populated cities is just madness. It rhymes with the old jingle: How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree) to become How Ya Gonna Keep ’em in the Office (After They’ve tasted Freedom of WFH and DL).

    • I hadn’t heard of it, but I took a quick look. As a poster child for “content free marketing fluff” that web site is right at the top.
      “Military grade security” is a classic red flag listed in the “Crypto snake oil FAQ”. As for EMP, is that real? I’ve had some discussion about it in a group of people that includes a lightning expert; it isn’t clear whether EMP introduces any real problems beyond normal lightning protection, which of course all cell sites have. If it does, then what does that tell us about the radios and phones that connect to the tower? If EMP damages ordinary electronics, an EMP-resistant base station will be a working device with no one to talk to it.
      For that matter, if EMP is a real concern, what about the Internet backbone? A cellular base station connected to a broken cloud isn’t going to do any communicating.

      • Thanks! I always thought EMP was an induction problem? The longer a wire cutting the field at 90 degrees. And greater the force transmitted through the wire? And the problem with chips was the voltage spike that hit them was faster than most surge protectors could react to? I digress.
        I was wondering more along the lines of a reliable internet for rural areas.

  4. I have a hunch – and a hunch is all it is – that a soft, blurry bifurcation is in the offing: “dependent” and “independent.”

    Some people like clustering – the restaurants, the shopping, the crowds, the government support services, etc. Think “societal convenience kit.”

    Others like being able to do stuff, create things, generate accomplishments, etc. Think “I’m my own boss or close to it.”

    There’s plenty of overlap; “clustering people” go kayaking, climb mountains, bicycle, weekends camping in the woods, etc. But that’s “going to do stuff.” A pursued activity.

    Independents live what the clustering folks “go to do.” It’s not a “pursued activity” it’s life, Monday-through-Sunday, not “weekends.”

    There are independents who will live among the clusterers, there are clusterers who will live among the independents.

    It ain’t the geography where one lives, it’s the mindset, what one believes in.

  5. Only future history can tell whether this statement is true or not.
    The problem of course being that history is written by the victorious.
    So a century from now there may be no actual factual evidence
    remaining to make such a determination.

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