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You can’t hunt with those guns. It’s just ridiculous. Not meant for hunting & totally stinks for size & accuracy. Rambo wannabe guns. More likely to make up for micro dicks. People killers only. No skilled hunter would ever use such a piece of crap gun. Says alot about the owner

Tweeted on May 10, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

We have SCOTUS decisions and factual evidence. They have ignorance and childish insults. Take advantage of this.

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—NY Mom RN ANP FNP RPAC @NYMom16

  1. “People killers only”. Not that I would give a NY mommy’s expertise on the matter much credence.
    But. What would it matter if that was the only use? I guess that explains the stereotyping of gun owners. If she can’t even figure out that their are people in the world that might need killing? Or that were intelligent enough to design a tool for the propose?
    Thank god for NY. Otherwise something like this could end up in your neighborhood!

  2. I once knew someone who took a deer with a lasso and a knife (or claimed to, anyway).

    Illegal as that probably was, you can hunt with just about anything.

    • I’ve read of some taking a deer with a spear. Primitive weapon hunting season, don’t know what State that was.

  3. This might come as a shock to some people, but if it can kill a deer then it can certainly kill a person.

    Right? Right! And so? So we can dispense with that line of argument altogether and forever.

    Keeping and bearing arms is all about having the ability to kill people and break their things. Get used to it. It’s why cops carry guns, it’s why soldiers carry guns, and it is of course why tyrants have armed thugs and armies and navies and air forces.

    Hunting is NOT the reason why our nation’s founders wrote and passed the second amendment. Ensuring that the citizens retain the ability to repel an over-reaching government is the reason for the second amendment. Self defense against common criminals is another reason. Combining those two clearly iterated purposes for an armed society, we can say that the second amendment guarantees the ability of the lawful to repel the criminal class, keeping them in check.

    How is this news to anyone on Earth?

    Answer; it isn’t. They all know it perfectly well. But it’s a game they play, of course. First, they cannot possibly keep their hatred of lawful citizens bottled up, and so they have to express that hatred. Second, we are being baited into an irrelevant discussion over technical issues related to hunting, or the quality or purpose of a given firearm (“bait and switch” or “ignore and re-direct”, as I call it). Third, they cannot afford to argue on fundamental principles, because they’ll lose. Thus the requirement for the bait-and switch tactic– They MUST keep us arguing and fighting on their terms, not the real terms.

    The sexual insults are just a standard feature of the weak, immature mind, but also, and more importantly, a standard feature of evil in general. For millennia now, Baal worship and other pagan practices, often, or usually, involve some kind of extreme sexual deviancy, including sex rituals in their “temples”, and this continues even today in some circles. Sex is therefore very much in their minds, pretty much all the time, even in public discourse. And so, when they’re openly hating on you the attempts at sexual humiliation will come naturally as a matter of course. In fact it takes a Romish leftist criminal sympathizer with a high level of discipline to avoid the open sexual insults, and even then they often can’t help but sneak them in.

    The bottom line is that the criminal class will do or say anything in their attempt to disarm, demoralize, malign, impugn, discourage, or otherwise weaken or marginalize the objects of their hatred. Even if it can happen only in their imaginations, they’ll do it. It’s all they have, really. That and, naturally, bruit force and threats of bruit force.

  4. Ummm…. 40% of our new gun owners are women. Many, including my 22 yr old daughter and 65 yr old girlfriend, own ARs. Having changed diapers on my daughter (admittedly, a long time ago) and, carefully inspected my girlfriend, I’m pretty sure neither of them have “tiny dicks”. In fact, I don’t think they have dicks at all. Both are pretty darned good with an AR. We’re not rednecks… we live in a Chicago suburb and are all well educated… some with advanced degrees.
    I’m not a woman so, my opinion may not count but, I think this is insulting to women!

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