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That is where we are: politics in America is the literally religious-type quest for power – and for nothing else at all. We are way past (I say years past) the times when effective, enduring compromise was possible. It is not.

I do not see any way to reverse this. I am reminded of a disease I read of some time ago, that once it becomes symptomatic, it is too late to treat it. I think that politically that is where we are now. It seems clear to me that we no longer live in the “United” States of America, and I see no way to regain that.

The question is whether the United States will survive in its present form, or will some kind of dissolution come to pass. Personally, I am not optimistic.

Sensing Online
March 22, 2021
The Priesthood of Politicism Offers Only Damnation
[I’m probably more optimistic than this. But a good case can be made for a pessimistic outcome as well.—Joe]


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  1. I agree with the piece, in that it’s clear we no longer live within the “United” States. The radical Progressive movement is intent upon seeing its views and mores set in place as the new state religion.

    Dissolution is almost a certainty. How it comes about and what the post USA relationships between the former States are the big questions.

  2. I’m in the pessimistic camp unless we can obtain some leverage. We don’t even seem to have the option to compromise anymore. Wokism is take it or else. And it is already deeply embedded in our institutions and accepted by half the population.

    What would have happen to the Jews if Germany had not gone to war?

  3. Quite honestly, I’m not interested in compromise. Compromise is what got us here. The only compromise I’m interested is the Constitution of the United States read in plain English. Shall not be infringed, Congress shall make no law, yeah that’s it. Repeal all of it back to where it should never be allowed to deviate from. Don’t like it, I’ll give any leftist who asks a ride to the airport. Go wherever they have the kind of boots they want to lick. We do freedom here.

  4. When the election of 2020 came to pass and the democrats actually succeeded in stealing the vote our nation died. What remains is a monarchy like cabal of political greed and envy not at all dissimilar to the despotic empires of the Romans. One common thread through all of these is treachery.

    We can either sit and wait and lose our rights and freedoms a piece at a time or we can rally together and act as a group to challenge the illegitimate authority that now is in our nation’s capital. I, myself, am unwilling to sit back and allow my future and the future of my children and grandchildren be steered into the gulag that is a socialist totalitarian society led by special interests and political graft. I am more than willing to join an effort of massed citizens to reverse this theft of our founder’s promise.

    If we ever restore the original government our founders envisioned I can add one Amendment that they missed. One that mandates Term Limits for all political offices. No more career politicians whose only skill is that of buying votes. That is the root of our problems now and if not dealt with will only rear its ugly head again.

    • ” One that mandates Term Limits for all political offices.”

      What you will end up with is a revolving door of pre-selected chair warmers that will continue with the graft already set up for them to steer, and dip into for themselves.

      What is needed is an amendment that makes any and all of that a serious crime with automatic investigation mandated. All with severe penalties that cannot be plea-bargained or dismissed. I’m thinking stocks, tar and feathers, or hanging.

      Along with that, some sort of business resume, and perhaps a ban on lawyers.

  5. There is only one implicit established religion in the USA: the faith in individual liberty and dignity, and the reluctant necessity for government structures to protect that liberty and dignity. To be an American is to be a disciple of that faith.

    This is the American exceptionalism, a people bonded together by that faith, not by ethnicity, race, prior nationality or notion of the divine. One can be born anywhere, and be an American at heart. Similarly, we have seen quite sufficiently that one can be born in US territory, carry US citizenship, but not be an American.

    The religion of Marx is diametrically opposed to the American faith, as is every other totalitarian governance. To believe in the rightness of collectivization of any kind, including actual racism but also all identity politics, is to deny individual liberty. To believe in the supremacy of government is to fail to recognize government’s essential evil nature, necessary though it may be in very limited circumstances. The sophistry of Marx and his adherents is anti-American. It is counter-revolutionary, trying to take us back to the terrors of European state supremacy.

    Progressives have their priests, their inquisitors, and their witchburners. They have suppressed the American faith. Most who think themselves Americans can’t articulate their faith, which is why the faith dies. The core of the faith isn’t long:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

    The core of the American faith is in these three sentences, and every just thing derives from them. We have strayed so far, and tolerated too much.

  6. Well of course the Romish left controls education and media, “the scientific community”, all labor unions, practically all political institutions, practically all religions, and much, much more besides, and education, media, politicians, religions and the science pundits have been gas-lighting us for generations.

    So, for starters, you’d need to purge those institutions of all leftists and all leftist thinking. That would mean a 100% total purge too, right down to the filing clerks, janitors and groundskeepers; no partial measures, or else the cancerous rot will simply continue to grow and metastasize.

    So yeah, basically it’s a done deal, and has been for many years. Regardless of how many “teaparty” type organizations or movements may arise, the rot is so deep that it infects the minds of everyone, such that any libertarian mind can be tricked into compromise, and thus the new organizations will be very quickly infiltrated and co opted (just as we’ve already seen) by those posing as “pragmatists” and “moderates”, which are THE deadly poison ruining the “immune system” and allowing the rot to take hold.

    He says “compromise is no longer possible” and yet compromise is all we know any more, and it is the very method by which we’ve gotten to this sorry state.

    Anyway, the prophesies tell us that this will happen, and so it will. “All the world” will wonder after the (Romish) beast, i.e. the whore of Babylon. And then the end comes.

    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3 KJV

    All the Protestant world used to know these things, once upon a time, but the aforementioned gas-lighting has caused them all to forget. Now they’re all busy cowering back to Rome, (wondering after the beast) favoring “unity” and “fraternity” and all such sickening rot above all principles, even forgetting or outright rejecting the very precepts of Christ.

    Once you realize that it’s totally outside our capability to “fix things” (to remove evil from the world) then you are free to begin focusing on the learning of more productive endeavors, e.g. entreating others to “Come out of Babylon lest you partake of her iniquities and her plagues” (I paraphrase). But none of the above is of any use whatsoever to anyone unless it is understood. Otherwise it appears as gibberish.

    All those Bible stories, of civilizations rising and prospering under God’s law, and falling when they compromise, over and over and over again? They aren’t there just as interesting stories to tell children. They are there, as evidence in a court case, for discovery, so we can understand our history, and with that understanding we can begin to see our future.

  7. Yeah, the constitutional republic is done. It’s an interesting exercise to debate when it died but that it is dead is hard to ignore. The question is what come next. The current borders can only be maintained as a sort of dystopian empire probably after a civil war. We might win such a war but even if we do it won’t restore the republic, it will just put us in charge of the Empire. Better than having them in charge but no more republican. The things we would have to do to win preclude that. Losing or preemptive surrender doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Better to forget about maintaining unity and focus on preserving a constitutional republic in the parts of the country (most of the geography really) where we predominate. It won’t be easy to rebuild the constitutional norms but it wasn’t easy in the founding era either. We get a ringside seat to watch the Peoples Republic burn itself down and will to to be vigilant to keep it from spilling over.

  8. ” One that mandates Term Limits for all political offices.”(Glenda. T. Goode, above).

    And: “….you will end up with is a revolving door of pre-selected chair warmers that will continue with the graft…” (Will, above).

    “Term limits” sounds nice, and rolls off the tongue oh so well, but it’s inadequate.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (JohnAdams, 1798)

    Since we seems to be woefully short of moral and religious people, we attempt to substitute laws, regulations and rules to make up for it; exactly how those laws, regulations and rules are to be, or get, enforced is nearly always missing from the discussion.

    That said, it’s become obvious the process is broken; broken irretrievably, maybe, maybe not. Simple term limits won’t do it; that will merely perpetuate musical chairs among the chair-warming fascista, which is what we have now: running for dogcatcher leads to running for city council which leads to running for state representative which leads to running for Congress which leads to running for the Senate which leads to running for President which leads to cashing big checks from a post-Presidential political organization to support leveraging accumulated political influence from a lifetime in politics.

    If I thought it would work – what’s missing is the enforcement mechanism – I’d recommend lifetime limitations on occupying political office, as in “5 terms, no more than 2 of which may be in the same office, and you’re done.” It would have to be accompanied by prohibitions on using accumulated influence for lobbying, (which wouldn’t fly under the 1st Amendment) and accepting remuneration of any type and amount from any government in the United States (which would). The ointment fly here is we’d wind up with, primarily, the rich who could afford the campaigning process rather than the “bedrock Americans” we really need, the John and Jane Citizens who are willing to sacrifice a few years of personal productivity to slave in the galleys, pulling the oars of government for the rest of us.

    As to whether that would save the Republic, that’s anyone’s guess. I suspect the rot, well embedded in our institutions for over half a century, now runs too deep; too many people have become so heavily invested in what they’ve been told and come to believe instead of what actually is that it’s very likely no corrective process would be successful.

    Short of armed conflict, that is. The true measure of worth is what is worth fighting for and risking most or all for; 56 men understood that concept by including “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” in the last paragraph, right above their signatures.

    What we get today is usually a list of reasons why we can’t do that, or why it’s impractical, or alternatives that may be almost as suitable.

    I have a hunch a Decision Point is coming, sooner, and larger, than many think; Kurt Schlicter sees it, although he thinks it unlikely to become kinetic, optimism I appreciate but view regardedly. There’s too much at stake – all the marbles, actually – for desperation to not drive a last, fervent gasp.

    What we wind up with is anyone’s guess; whatever it is, it cannot be “partial” because incomplete solutions always lead to metastasis.

  9. What the author seems to miss is that, “religion”, is the natural state of human existence. A base instinct.
    Without god humans will almost always put themselves in his place.
    Think it more along the lines of Islam, communism, fascism, as being Satan’s political system. For a clearer perspective.
    The communist are just showing you their true nature.

  10. To Democrats politics is religion and every single United States citizen that is not a Democrat and fully supports the party and everything they do are heretics and to them all who oppose must be purged.

    Democrats are just as fanatical if not more than the most fanatical of Islamic extremists and desire the complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States not them or opposes or resist them in any way, shape or form. Much like how most Islamic extremist desire of the extermination or enslavement of all human life in the world that is not also Muslim. And not only that but certain kinds. Now that is tens if not hundreds of millions of people and if they go that far probably most if not all the population of the United States would be against that. Because how many American citizens would actually fully support the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that opposes the Democrats in any way, shape or form? Maybe 5%? A vast majority of Democrats, at least the ones not in elected office would be against that. Unless you watch MSNBC all day. But you have to remember that these are essentially the political equivalent of religious fanatics, and in their minds killing over 300 million people to realize their utopia and to make sure that everyone in the utopia fully supports everything they do is not only morally righteous but absolutely necessary.

    • Yep, the parallels between the Islamic conquest in the 7th century and today’s Wokism have a lot in common. The one difference is that at least Islam is one of the Abrahamic religions while the Woke reject everything not of their making. That makes the Woke far more dangerous because they know no limits, have no code of behavior, and CANNOT be trusted to keep their word.

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