Quote of the day—Ron DeSanti

It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.

Ron DeSanti
Florida Governor
March 29, 2021
Gov. DeSantis to Take Executive Emergency Action Against Vaccine Passports
[If internal passports hadn’t been so widely misused in the 20th Century I could see why people, in general, might think they were a good idea. As it is I can’t imagine why anyone other than tyrants and those ignorant of history could think they are a good idea.

I glad at least one politician has a clue.—Joe]


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  1. Yes, well we sort of crossed that threshhold a long time ago, didn’t we, with external passports? And our military? And you might want to check with your local public schools or think back to your childhood some 55 or 60 years ago. This is being implemented, like everything else, incrementally (Progressively).

    You might want to look up and find out how many shots the average new-born is getting by the time he or she reaches the age of one year. And three years. My daughter’s baby, born one year ago, didn’t make it home from the birthing center without getting multiple shots.

    So it’s never a simple matter of “whether” (of a or b), but only of how and when. The enemy is extremely good at this. By the time it has wormed its way into every aspect of your life, you either don’t notice or you’ll say it’s no big deal and no cause for making a fuss. At the most, you’ll hate it and protest but go along anyway, wanting to avoid being regarded as an “extremist”.

    At some point, and I submit that the vast majority of humanity is already well past this point, you’ll declare that it is best and most prudent to go along with the tyranny rather than suffer the hardship and persecution (not only of yourself but of your family and peers) of standing opposed to it.

    And as vehemently opposed as some people are, or have been in the past, most of them have died off. Likewise, It has been said that scientific revolutions happen one retirement at a time.

    Well, Rome has been very patient. She in her current iteration held power for 1260 years, she knows how she lost that power (even if you don’t) and she’s getting it back. Rome knows that the steadfast American patriot of today (if there be any) will be in the grave, naturally, in a few years. “Educate” his children, plug them into the indoctrination machine, give them free college, teach the teachers, supply the textbooks and the free internet service, and you don’t have to fight him. It simply no longer matters what he thinks or says.

    With regard to public education, Woodrow Willson spelled this all out, in detail, about 130 years ago. We’ve still not fully grasped the significance of it.

    How many of us were getting shots at school some 50 to 70 years ago? They don’t have to call it “mandatory” if enough young parents are convinced that it’s in the best interest of their children, and of society. Once that’s accomplished, and it is, your harping against it just makes you an old fuddy-duddy at best, and a threat to public safety at worst. Either way, you’re easy enough to deal with at this stage.

  2. Asking for ID’s is Jim Crow, right? Isn’t that what our Not-president just told us?
    I mean if it’s not just Jim Crow, but Jim Eagle to have to show an ID to vote.
    Why isn’t it just as racist to have to show one at all? For anything.
    And the whole time were talking about this communist sponsored, fork tongued-who’s the bigot game.
    Their busy importing enough future poverty into this country it will never work or function as intended again.
    We either except our fate as a third world vassal. Or we prove them the bigots they accuse us of being.
    With 400 million guns, and 100 million people having the life sucked out of them from both sides of the economic scale. I’m pretty sure you ain’t going to need a Vacs- pass to travel here soon. More like a armored Stryker.

  3. If it turns out we need to carry this head cold “vaccination” record with us everywhere in order to do anything, I’m putting it in a little wallet marked “Ausweis”. We are violating the Jews in the Attic test more with each passing day. “Cashless society” anyone? They’ve already bribed us with those supermarket tabs we carry on our keychains for a buck or two each time we shop. If that isn’t enough, there are credit cards that bribe you with not just frequent flyer points, but with cash back. At least it’s actual cash so far.

  4. They are just getting started and I don’t think that we’re going to do anything about it – guns or no guns. It’s going to happen step by step as it has been happening over our lifetime.

    There is a bay near where we live that DNR is planning on restoring, and there is also a YMCA camp on that bay that they have used for years for water activities. Well, DNR says that that part of the bay is a protected mud flat that will be off-limits for the YMCA and the YMCA thinks that will destroy the camp.I expect DNR will win.

  5. DeSantis is that rare exception. The vast majority of politicians simply DO NOT CARE what the sheeple think…..except when they are trying to get reelected.

  6. What we have here is example #100,568,742 of people not having a clue about history. Since internal passports are still being abused (and digitized) in the 21st century you would think people might notice that but no. I getting to the point of thinking that the best use for my smart phone is target practice. I guess I will go to the Faraday bag first. I have always resisted putting apps on the phone since that is the mechanism used for routine spying.

    • I just use a dumb phone instead. Which sometimes gets me funny looks since I’m a software guy and a techie.

  7. The “government” at ALL levels has done THOUSANDS of “completely unacceptable” things to us…..for DECADES. And NOBODY has ever done
    a damn thing to stop them. And they have figured….with a near certainty
    that they are correct…. that nobody is going to do a damn thing to stop them now.

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