Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

Someone needs to make a cartoon showing a couple dead sheep and wolves moving off in the distance. Perhaps a farmer shouting “We must do something about the wolf threat.” In the next frame a Government Man stands at the door of a suburban house with a pair of pliers explaining that since wolves are dangerous to sheep, he’s going to pull the teeth out of their family Golden Retriever.

Sean D Sorrentino
Posted on Facebook on March 25, 2021
[While accurate and applicable I doubt the majority of people that need to get it would not actually understand. Those anti-gun people that do understand would not care. This is because they know gun control is not about protecting the sheep from wolves. It’s about protecting the Government Man from the farmer and his dog.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

  1. Funny, but way to cerebral. Keep at it buddy! Not every shot hits where you want. But we keep shoot’in!

  2. I think a clearer picture is the one I saved from the web a few years ago, showing a wolf leaning against a signpost. Scattered around him is a large pile of bones. The sign post carries a sign saying “Wolf free zone”.

  3. I recently had the opportunity to observe their attitudes. It is amazing to see the mind lock that otherwise apparently intelligent people have. Speech of any form only falls on deaf ears when it comes to guns. They can’t hear you let alone understand what you are saying. In their world, it is the gun that kills is all they need to know! And the only response is that guns need to be banned and outlawed.

    What is even sadder is that the mind lock applies across the board. They cannot think for themselves if their community has already come to a conclusion even if they are stampeding towards a cliff.

    They are true believers in a religion of their own creation. They have become Gods.

  4. As has been pointed out…..such an allegorical presentation is beyond the capability of the majority of anti gun idiots to grasp. That group as a whole is incapable of understanding MANY intellectual concepts like sarcasm and irony.

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