Quote of the day—Rob Natelson

Sen. Donovan’s effort to turn back the clock 327 years reminds us that so-called “progressives” are deeply regressive. Constitutional government that protects human freedom is a fairly modern phenomenon. The unlimited government most “progressives” seek is as old as the pharaohs. Scratch the typical “progressive” and you find a hidden totalitarian.

Rob Natelson
March 24, 2021
Leading Colorado Democrat Introduces Bill to Censor Internet Communication
[I don’t see that to do any scratching to discover that. They aren’t bothering to hide these days.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rob Natelson

  1. Not only do they think in terms of “do I as say”, but they only see evil in the works of man. They are destroyers, not builders.

    • Brainwashing is a bitch. In this case, literally. Or a term closer to reality, bitches.

      • And it is effective, especially when combined with magic thinking. Mines – we don’t need them; Dams – we don’t need them; Heavy industry – we don’t need them; Fossil fuels – we don’t need them; Timber harvesting – we don’t need it; Meat – we don’t need it.

        We only need raw nature – which you can only look at and admire – along with the bureaucracy and its institutions to tell us what to do and how to do it.

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