Quote of the day—Donald L. Cline

The Brady Act background checks have never prevented a crime nor criminal access to a firearm in the history of the Act and was never intended to: The Brady Act was and is intended to sucker citizens into waiving their RIGHT to keep and bear arms in exchange for a revocable government permission government has no lawful authority to issue or deny.

Donald L. Cline
March 22, 2021
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. Perfect. Also of note in the article is that this communist putsch has been going on since Woodrow Wilson.
    We will have to learn once again that government must be controlled. Or it will destroy itself, and many of us with it.

    • The disease had metastasized throughout American society long before Woodrow Wilson’s coronation, I should think, being that the American psyche would have had to be modified to such a state as to result in Wilson’s election. Such modification takes time, and so, logically, this had to start much farther back. There’s really no pinpointing it for sure, but certainly the release of Karl Marx’s writings into the world was an important event.

      That began in the 1840s, but I wouldn’t put the initiation of American corruption at that time– Marx was merely re-framing, into secular terms, “Catholic Social Doctrine” which pre-existed him. It was a brilliant move, allowing for the eventual unification of believers and non-believers under a “universal” (global) tyrannical authoritarian system, which we are seeing in its late stages of coalescence today.

      Anyway, Wilson was doing a lot of the planning during his stint as president of Princeton University. There he laid out the mission and purpose of public education, which we know all too well today as a program of mass destruction.

      That’s all just the tip of a very large, submerged iceberg, thousands of years old, against which we have crashed and are surely sinking.

      So-called “gun control” is only a very small part of this, but eventual disarmament will remain on the agenda until the end, if for no other reason than to legally define lawful and peaceable citizens as criminals, as a means of justifying their persecution. The persecution was always going to happen anyway, but this gives the powers-that-should-not-be some remotely plausible pretense, or legally fabricated justification, for it. There will be plenty of other pretenses as well.

      • Communism can be traced directly back to Christ’s disciples. In that they held all things in common.
        It’s a classic in that it also lead to two of the wannabes holding back. And when they lied about it. the holy spirit drop them where they stood.
        Lesson: Communism kills!
        So why set people up to lie, cheat, and steal? Which is the natural state of man?

  2. The Constitution is a piece of paper.

    If the Government decides something is illegal, law enforcement agencies choose to arrest you for it, the judicial system convicts you of it and the prison system locks you away, does it really matter what the Constitution says?

    The checks and balances so carefully crafted in the Constitution are no longer meaningful. All the branches of government now work in concert for the benefit of the government and its agents, not for the people.

    I fear that shouting “but this is unconstitutional” as we’re hauled off to the re-education camps and gulags is going to prove to be of limited utility.

    • “…does it really matter what the Constitution says?

      Only at their trials and final sentencing hearing. Otherwise, no; not at all.

    • Does it really matter what the Constitution says?

      “And what is our resource for the preservation of the Constitution? Reason and argument? You might as well reason and argue with the marble columns encircling them.”— Thomas Jefferson, in “On state rights”, letter to William B. Giles, December 26, 1825.

  3. Sadly, the Constitution has as much agency and sufficiency as a restraining order. It’s time we all realize they are both equally effective and thus equally meaningless.

  4. Of course the “Brady Act” is unconstitutional. Virtually ALL the 20k plus laws on the books in America regarding firearms are unconstitutional. Hell……the vast majority of ALL laws passed in America are unconstitutional. So what. Those in power are not and have never been concerned with what is or is not constitutional. ALL they care about is how much power and wealth they can amass. The Constitution and the Bill Of Rights are nothing but ink on paper. They hold NO POWER at all to restrain the illegal acts of those in office. It’s up to US to ENFORCE the restrictions
    imposed upon politicians by that document and doing so WILL REQUIRE THE USE OF FORCE. Otherwise those in office will continue to do what they have always done…..ignore the Constitution and do whatever they wish.

    • No force is required, as long as it remains possible for the people to elect reformers into political office.

      If reformers aren’t getting elected, that would be indicative of at least 2 possibilities.

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