Quote of the day—Matt @Burning_Barves

It’s to protect the world from their insufficient genitals.

Matt @Burning_Barves
Tweeted on March 17, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

This was in response to the person who qualified for yesterday’s QOTD.

They are opposed to gun ownership. For those type of people it doesn’t have to make sense.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Matt @Burning_Barves

  1. Barves should strut on down to the local drug-hood and try his logic on the Crips, Bloods, or MS-13? Think he would soon find out what the term, burning, actually means?
    Funny, he’s probably not even getting paid by the Chinese communist to be their useful, (castrated) idiot.

  2. Nope. I was going to answer the comment directly, but words fail me.

    The best I can understand is that it represents some highly inept attempt at mockery; trying to illustrate what he sees as absurdity (gun ownership) by being deliberately absurd, sort of like making chimpanzee gestures and chimpanzee noises at someone. I remember that now, from 5th or 6th grade; kids would do that to one another as an expression of contempt.

    We have to be careful though. Blitheringly idiotic as he appears, someone like that, as an adult, can get violent at the drop of a hat, being as they hate you so much it’s driving them insane. They can also be very clever in matters of destruction. All it takes is the mob mentality, plus one little “spark”, to turn the (Romish) leftists’ violent propensities into action.

    And remember, Cain murdered Able for the singular reason that Able was more discerning and virtuous than him. One takeaway from that the lesson is, exhibiting your intelligence, virtue, kmowledge, understanding or insight to the proud left usually won’t help in the slightest. Often it will only fuel the fire of hatred. In their minds, they’re already vastly superior to you in every way that matters, and so for you to attempt to educate or correct them is both a sick joke and an egregious insult.

    Only a very small few are reachable. Most are not.

  3. Hey Barves! If you happen to run into Achmed Imawanttajihad, (as Aesop named him). While your out shopping? Just show him your sufficient genitals! That should be enough save you! Right?
    At which point I’ll go with the small junk, and a XD, And 15 rounds of Hershel’s dictum. (very few problems that can’t be solved with a 230 gr. hardball!).
    He who shoots back, and runs away. Lives to use his genitals, another day!

    • That should read;
      He who shoots back, and wins the day. Lives to use his genitals, another day! (However small they may be.)

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