Quote of the day—Xtine Siouxie @XtineSiouxie

We should implement these guys’ worst nightmare and confiscate all their assault rifles and machine guns. There’s only one reason to have these types of weapons and it sure isn’t protection.

Xtine Siouxie @XtineSiouxie
Tweeted on March 17, 2021
[Who’s this “we” you are talking about?—Joe]


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  1. Is he willing to volunteer to be point on a confiscation squad? Really brave to seek to send others in your stead to risk their lives for your beliefs.

    • Oh, he won’t have to. They’ll just pass a law, and piles of old hunting rifles will appear in town squares across the country the way they did in Germany in May, 1945.

  2. I love how all these would be tyrants toss around “we”. They always assume everybody agrees with them and they get to be the school yard bully picking on a single victim. They’re also the first to cry foul when their victim decides not to take their beating and uses a tool, or has friends or both to be left alone.

  3. what is an xtine siouxie? i am sort of curious about that.

    p.s. all lefties “speak for” and “in the stead of” the lumpen proletariat. doncha know.

  4. Damn I love free speech! No one can say they don’t want to take your guns anymore, right?
    And were all clear on the concept that their willing to use violence to get it done? Violence being our worst nightmare?
    So the next time one hears that line of propaganda from the “useful ones”, the response should be; That’s not what all your friends are saying. Maybe they don’t like you enough to confide in you?
    But Ms.Xtine must be commended for answering her own question about why I need an evil black rifle. All she need do is find a mirror.

    • It’s Mx.Xtine, don’t you know? We have to respect their wokeness and use the proper titles for them, after all.

      I’ll refer to her as Ms. when she’s put up against a wall and willing to die for her/its/their beliefs.

  5. He has a mouse in his pocket. Waiting for some other mother’s son to lead the charge while he cheers from the sidelines.

  6. There’s only one reason to confiscate weapons and it sure isn’t protection.
    Odd, how a little change makes the statement even more true
    (More true?).

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  8. Probably the best way to defeat this sort of talk is to keep asking for clarification.

    “Who is this ‘we’ person? is one good example, and “Who are all ‘these guys’?” and so on. Just keep asking for more clarification, and eventually the delusional person will either freak out and run away in a rage, or try to murder you. I’ve seen it. Very, very rarely however, have I seen, first hand, such a delusional person actually reconsider, become rational, start making sense and eventually change his mind.

    Once a person has been sufficiently indoctrinated and feels empowered by his alliance it is almost impossible to save him out of Babylon. Either he’ll murder you or he’ll try his damnedest to force you to kill him in self defense, and in either case, as what Marx refered to as a useful idiot he’ll have served his purpose to his alliance of evil.

    What he’ll never know, and would refuse to understand it if you proved it to him, is that the leaders of his glorious and precious alliance despise him as much as they despise anyone. What he doesn’t know is that he’s being cynically used and is as disposable as a filthy old rag once his limited purpose has been satisfied. Same goes for some of “us” on “our side” too, so don’t get cocky.

    Of course none of this addresses the main, overriding point, which is that the things you own: machine guns, assault rifles, fast cars, or dumb-looking clothes, et al, are no one’s business, whatsoever. God’s Tenth Commandmend says so, and it is immutable and everlasting. Therefore going up against me is one thing (I’m a lowly sinner deserving of death), while going up against God’s law is infinitely more serious, and God says don’t steal, and don’t covet what is your neighbor’s.

    Therefore we mustn’t stand on the dung heap of our life’s accomplishments and crow like proud roosters, nor show off our false righteousness like strutting peacocks, but we can and should, as we are enjoined to do by Christ, point out right from wrong wile admitting our imperfections.

  9. There’s only one reason to have these types of weapons and it sure isn’t protection.

    Protection from what?

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