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Don’t even try the argument that an AR-15 is for sportsmen. Any animal smaller than a great white shark would be ripped to shreds by this civilian version of the M-16.

Wally Kennedy @Wallykennedy41
Tweeted on March 13, 2021
[I’m not going to argue with you Wally. Here’s my statement:

People don’t have to justify their exercise of the natural right to keep and bear arms. You, and others like you, just have to respect it. Now, go get some help for your nearly terminal case of ignorance.

It would be funny if there weren’t so many people who believed such crazy talk.—Joe]


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  1. The ignorance is mindboggling. Or it may not be ignorance but deliberate lying. The truth, of course, is that the AR-15 is in many states judged too be too wimpy to be used in hunting. The proper description of that weapon is “moderate power light weight rifle”.

  2. I actually like the fact that this tweet is a reply to a Shannon Watts tweet, supporting her stupidity.

    NRA: We supported a case and the side we supported won.
    Shannon: Nope [ your side didn’t win a case.] It wasn’t a 2A case, it was a preemption case.

    It seems that she can’t open her mouth without lying. They did win the case in question. It was a gun rights case. It did apply to the 2A because it was an infringement.

    • It’s all about the number of rounds fired though, isn’t it? Deplete a few C-Mags on a deer and see if that quote is all so terribly ignorant as you prefer to believe.

      Let’s please no longer remain bogged down in the irrelevant details, or remain distracted in or delighted by the apparent stupidity of those who have for generations been winning over us, trampling our principles to the point where we so easily forget them.

      We go after “stupid liberals” like a dog or a cat goes after a laser dot, only it’s the “stupid liberals” controlling the laser.

      • I wholeheartedly agree. This is the same line of logic as pushing the ‘modern sporting rifle’ term to replace ‘assault weapon’ being used in technically improper ways.
        The right response needs to be more along the lines of ‘Yeah. So what?’

  3. Good response! The quote, which I point out is a very clever one for its flaunting of ignorance, invites us to fall into an irrelevant argument over the technicalities of terminal ballistics. It’s almost impossible for us to resist that temptation to engage on the enemy’s terms. In other words; the enemy MUST always keep the argument in the realm of irrelevancies and ALWAYS avoid the true principles.

    You corrected it by going straight to the point, which is;

    It’s not your business, it’s not within your jurisdiction, you haven’t the lawful authority, you’re in violation of law already, there’s no “right to infringe on rights”, so stand down, back off and butt out, keep your noses out of the citizens’ business, stay in your lane, or else.

    Now let’s be truly scientific by looking for success where it’s repeatedly been found before;
    The only thing you missed is the broader, over-arching and thus the main point; that our concept of rights, as indicated by our nation’s founders, is based on the acceptance of life as God-given. Thus it places the only true authority far above the heads, out of the reach, of any would-be dictator, any political clique, or any “pontiff“, et al, on Earth.

    To violate God’s commandments against stealing, or even so much as coveting, the property of another is therefore not merely a crime against that person, who may indeed be a wretched sinner, but it is a crime, primarily, against one’s own Creator, the maker of the heavens, the earth, the seas, and all that is in them, and that is a vastly more sober and serious issue! It is not insignificant that this nation’s founders succeeded with that argument whereas France, in the same era, upholding the American success as a model, fell into a hellish chaos using only the “secular” arguments (Although the purportedly secular world, as it turns out, is merely paganism in denial, a mixture of a number of ancient heathen religions trying to pass themselves off as pragmatism. Thus they’ll lift up a whore and worship her as a “goddess of reason”, in similar manner to the Baal worshipers of old. Thus they’re engaging in the same old behaviors: idol worship, sex worship, child sacrifice, brutal dominance and so on, but under different brand names, even in some cases calling it “science”, “social justice”, “reproductive rights”, “economic justice”, “climate justice”, “catholic social doctrine”, “feminism”, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc, with new terms being fabricated daily and the main focus being that they’re all anti-Christ and they’re all trying to bring the entire world together under their system).

    That model for success then is not me standing up for “my rights” or the rights of others, or even the U.S. constitution pre se, but for God’s immutable law, from which we’ve inferred the concept of rights, and from which men have derived a few limited precepts for our constitution. It comes with a divine warning and a divine promise. Neither are from us, and so if we speak of ourselves or for ourselves, or for some whore with a tiara, we are acting entirely in error.

  4. Perfect answer Joe. But please refrain from suggesting mental help. It will just end up as another medical bill for tax payers?
    And let’s pray he gets drafted for CW2, and he’s the one driving the tank they send to your neighborhood. (Anyone that lost is never going to end up where they send him.)
    If you know your enemy, and you know yourself. You will never be in danger in a hundred battles. Sun Tzu.
    I’m beginning to like the odd’s.

  5. re: the daisy air rifle.

    in most every block of ballistic jell there is a little line in it, ending in a circle. it, the circle, is a bb, and the little line is evidence of its path.

    it is fired into the ballistic gel to make sure it has been “cooked right,” and is in good shape to test ballistic performance by comparison to the performance of a known projectile. in short, the bb calibrates the gel, in order that it may measure accurately.

    my guess is that the (so aptly named) “cancel culture” will someday come after the daisy bb gun, resplendent as it is festooned with a genuine “lever.” (we all know how dangerous those are.) just be mindful, that the bb gun is technically speaking an air rifle. capable of ripping a blue whale to shreds, with one shot. my god, have you given any thought to how many bb’s one of those things may hold at capacity. it is mind boggling.

  6. when you get all your news from one source, this is the stupidity you have to put up with…people don’t want the truth, they want to be told what to believe…it’s easy and requires a big fat zero fing effort…

  7. There are people who think ‘AR-15’ stands for ‘assault rifle, fifteen rounds a second’.

    This is also why they are desperate to shut down any tangible discussion about firearms. If you take away the mystery and mystique, it stops being scary and uncontrollable. It becomes a tool. Dangerous, of course, but so are powered saws or vehicles. They want fear and horror, not caution and carefulness.

    Kevin Baker has commented before on ‘deodands’. He’s still right.

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