Quote of the day—Chuck Schumer

Let me tell you, I think it’s good when somebody is trying to influence government for their purposes, directly with ads and everything else, it’s good to have a deterrent effect.

Chuck Schumer
US Senator
July 23, 2014
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Spoken like a true tyrant.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chuck Schumer

  1. He certainly wouldn’t like the manner in which I agree with him. But like he says; In ads and EVERTHING ELSE,( including bullshit riots by communists all summer?). It’s good to have a deterring effect. (on government.) So, 2A, here we come!.
    Or just BFYTW! Chuck says it’s all OK! Thanks Chuck!
    That’s all we needed to hear!
    Bitch! Where’s myyyy money? (Sorry, my pip hand kind of slips every time I think about Kamala.)

  2. “We didn’t have a democracy then” speaking about Thomas Paine. Dumbass, we don’t have a democracy now. Never did. We have a constitutional republic.

    And if you think that persons don’t need to worry about being punished for what they say or write, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

    Or you’re on the side of the fascists – yup, that’s it.

  3. How dare we try to influence the people we elected (or so we’re told) to represent our interests! Who do we think we are, anyway?!

    But seriously, I have a longstanding policy of never voting for an incumbent without a compelling reason to keep them in office.

    I think more people should vote this way. It might help our representatives to remember who it is they are supposed to be representing.

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