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Fake beef. Fake crowd noises at sports games. Fake fans. Fake news. Fake health orders that make real human interaction illegal.

At what point do people realize this is every Sci-Fi nightmare movie ever?

An0maly @LegendaryEnergy
Tweeted on February 18, 2021
[Good question.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—An0maly @LegendaryEnergy

  1. He forgot to mention fake president. As for Sci-Fi. He might get this script passed some producer. But the target audience, having to suspend reality to this extent? Just doesn’t seem profitable.
    But then we are talking about life, not art here. So it appears the dumber the better.
    So your plot is; people will say it’s NOT racist to want to kill white people just for being white? Then we’ll have these really fascist militants claim to be anti-fascist? And journalism majors that lie with a straight face? Brilliant!
    If you can’t dazzle’em with the facts, baffle’em with bull-shit, is what Mao used to tell us. Right Barrack?

  2. The vast majority of people won’t realize the full gravity of the situation until the very end, and most won’t realize it even then.

    We’re too busy trying to make sense out of nonsense to realize that nonsense is the weapon and we are the prey. So stop biting the hook, so to speak!

    Who was it who said, and I paraphrase; “By the time you begin to figure out the reality of the situation, we’ll have created another, completely different reality.”

    But then of course it depends on where, or upon whom, you focus your attention. For myself I’m not terribly interested in the BSers of the world (the criminal class which holds power, title and station, and lives for the acquisition of more), though they’d have us think of nothing else but them and their lies. I notice the powers that be making all the worst decisions and trying their best to erradicate Western Civilization (which in truth is the Reformation), and I see prophesy being fulfilled. We were told, thousands of years ago, that this would happen, so why bitch about it now?

    Of course it’ll happen, and furthermore, after the horrors of the Dark Ages, and again of the 20th Century, we now know plenty about the mindset behind it, and so there are no major surprizes. Any minor surprizes left to experience would be in the details of implimentation only.

    Soi what’s your problem?

    And so I don’t want to hgear anyone complaining, or acting all shocked, when the recking ball comes at you sideways, seemingly out of the blue.

    Like my deer on the highway in North Idaho at night analogy a few days ago– You should be anticipating that very specific kind of trouble. You know you’re in that territory, at that time, and you know what’s dwelling in that territory, and you know rather a lot about the behavior, mindset, purpose and lifestyle of that beast. So are you going to drive on unawares, or blame the animal after it’s too late, or are you going to realize, know, anticipate, and thus avoid that deadly collision?

    And yes, that’s Christianity. It’s called “overcoming the world” by recognizing why we’re here, in this stiuation, and who holds the solution.

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