Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

When people talk about rioting if the Supreme Court takes any action, they’re not talking about Republicans rioting. They’re talking about the Left. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. So when people tell you they’re worried about “unrest” they’re telling you two things.

1. That they know the Left will riot.

2. That they know the Right will not.

So game it out.

If everyone knows that the Right will calmly accept the decision to give the win to Biden despite evidence (though not “proof”) of election irregularities, and they know that the Left will react with violence to anything but a Biden presidency, why should they choose anything but a Biden presidency?

I’m not advocating violence. I’m sure not going to start rioting. But haven’t we taught them that they can ignore us and suffer no consequences while the Left has taught them to fear? Haven’t we allowed them to take our kindness for weakness? Haven’t we basically told them that there’s zero consequences for making us mad?

Sean D Sorrentino
Posted on Facebook December 17, 2020
[The above is in reference to this.

A1: I can think of some reasons. Like, it’s their job to do the legally correct thing.
A2: Yes.
A3: Yes.
A4: Yes.

This isn’t a tough quiz. Lots of other people will figure it out too and take away “interesting” lessons from it.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]

Update: The basis for this is probably false.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sean D Sorrentino

  1. Still, even if false, it is still call on the mood and lack of trust in this country which has been the hallmark of our republic and an envy of the world.

    Do we still have trust in the fairness of our system?

    • IMO, no, many people who I would refer to as the Traditional American have not retained their faith in the fairness and integrity of our “system”.

      Jeff B.

  2. I think it has not been established either way. Apparently the basis, for the denial is that the Supremes have been meeting by video conference rather than in person. There is nothing in the technology to prevent someone from yelling at a monitor rather than face to face. Such yelling could be heard in another room as well as face to face. True or not, it is believable given John Robert’s history of betrayal and especially his more recent trajectory.

  3. “They haven’t met in person in months”

    Weren’t they bragging about how they were still meeting in person the last time that RBG went back to work?

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