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The rubes they’ve been working all these years are roused, pissed off and looking for the nearest pitchfork. And I don’t mean that metaphorically. ALL OF THE GUNS sold out over Thanksgiving weekend.


Our “betters” should have taken them before they started blatantly nullifying elections. Pride and arrogance has done in our owners, like so many tyrants before. They mistook “negotiation, forbearance and appeasement,” for “surrender.”

What these Cloud Dwelling Nimrods, fail to understand is this sudden swelling of anger has little to do with Trump specifically – and everything to do with the ARROGANCE our civic masters.

Donald Trump was never anything but a symptom of an amok government and a deadly warning to our elite. He was Joe-Six-Pack NICELY telling Mordor’s brain-trust to back the F*CK OFF. The message was ignored, mocked and then followed by a host of deliberate provocations and indignities.

Well, congratulations – “nice” just stormed out the door with his AR and a serious attitude problem. “Nice” ain’t entirely sure what to ventilate first, but that’s O.K., because “nice” bought several billion rounds of .223 in over the last few years.

December 7, 2020
2020 Just Keeps Shittin’ in our Mouths
[Via Matthew Bracken.

We live in interesting times and the clock is ticking down to the decisive second…—Joe]


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  1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that those on the left really don’t get this concept, that Trump is a symptom of the underlying problem, and he happened because of the way that the establishment infiltrated and neutered the Tea Party, and if he’s not allowed to fix the problems then the next person chosen as point man, and the actions taken to support him, may not be a simple linear extrapolation of the trend.

  2. Man, wouldn’t want that guy around my fiber optic lines! He sounds pissed. With every right to be. Trump is about as close to and olive branch as the communist are going to get. Sad they can’t see it like that.
    How did Metallica put that; arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand?

  3. It’s pretty amusing that the side that has been trying like mad to nullify this election is accusing their opponents of “nullifying elections.”

    Given that Republicans in a position to know, like William Barr and Chris Krebs, have said the 2020 election was not rigged and Mr. Biden is the rightful President-elect, if the threats become action, they will fit the Constitutional definition of treason: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

    Y’all seem to be quite happy to burn the village down in order to save it from an “enemy” that exists only in your imaginations. How happy you must be making the Russians and the ChiComs, doing their work for them at the behest of a narcissistic real-estate huckster.

    • Barr didn’t say the election wasn’t rigged. His exact words were:

      To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.

      True, Krebs made much stronger statements. But it would appear to me, and millions of other people, that new evidence has been brought forward that contradicts Kreb’s claims.

      And, I don’t think you will find me suggesting we are to the point of “burning down the village”. Yes, I quote a fair number of people that do think we are almost there. I see numerous sides to this story and am giving all sides considerable thought without advocating anything other than seeing how things play out in the courts and other legal and peaceful venues.

      • “…legal and peaceful venues,” Joe? Did we read the same quote, all but promising violence?

        I’m not sure when decent, patriotic Republicans were elbowed out of your comments by these would-be might-makes-right pipsqueaks, but egging them on isn’t wise. If they get a big enough mob together, they will puff one another up to acts that would shame any normal American.

        The highly decentralized, state-run election system in the United States is one of the best in the world. Mr. Trump’s overweening ego is the only reason he is working so hard to sow doubt about the honesty and fairness of it — something he began doing well ahead of the election, quite aware that that it would be a close contest. Egging him on isn’t wise, either. I keep hoping the GOP will come to its senses, but the party seems bent on self-immolation.

        I’d like for the U. S. to have a good multiparty system, with clearly articulated positions and healthy debate in the State and Federal legislatures. Instead, we’re heading to about 1.5 parties nationally and single-party rule in most states.

        • Yes, I read and posted the quote.

          I suspect you didn’t read my comment closely enough. I said I have not been advocating anything other than legal and peaceful venues. Lots of other people claim they are ready to rumble. I quote them to indicate the state of the nation and spark discussion. This does not necessarily mean my view of the state of things is in alignment with theirs.

          • My my. Somebody somewhere is really worried now. They dispatched a talking head to your “lowly “ blog to tell us how perfectly trouble free our election system is. And how big of a poopie head we are for thinking otherwise.
            I find the implications frightening.

          • I’m pretty sure you are wrong. I don’t think this person was “dispatched” here. I can see their email address and assuming it is not being used by an imposter this is an ordinary person who I normally have a large degree of alignment with.

            These are not normal times. But that is all the more reason to put a little bit of effort into being civil and hearing people out.

        • I would have a good belly-laugh from the absurdity of your comments, but sadly it’s all too possible that you actually believe that. Try these on for size, then get back to us.
          Four Names
          No control
          Virtual Precincts
          Not transparent by force
          funky graph explained
          Chinese influence
          A sample of Arizona’s mail in ballots found 11% of the accepted ballots did not match according to the Democrats’ own expert.
          Look at the Texas complaint to the SCOTUS – solid constitutional issues, and the Giuliani and Powell cases which are backed by stacks and stacks of sworn expert and eye-witness testimony, and increasingly by forensic evidence. You have assertions that it was clean, that we are to disbelieve the videos, the threats and violence and intimidation by the left.

          Time will tell, of course. But I expect that in the end the Q plan will have a number of traitors in front of the firing squads… or being hung, electrocuted, or given lethal injections. Sadly, there is unlikely to be any gibbeting.

          • Ah, Rolf, you’re a Qanon fellow, are you?

            That explains a lot. You’ve got a mind virus. There’s no reaching you with reality now, not until the thing falls apart.

          • AH, another well-reasoned and content-filled rebuttal from “Oh, what’s the use.” Perhaps the “shill” line from above was merited? You sound as convincing as a 4-year old with a face covered on crumbs and chocolate on your hands denying any knowledge of the missing cookies. Guess we’ll know within a few days if things are progressing along my expected path (no vote of the electors on the 14, or it’s declared invalid because of ongoing litigation) or not.

    • You should try reading Yuri Bezmenov out loud. While looking in the mirror. See if that helps.
      Biden lost.

    • You mean like four years ago? When Russian interference was ginned up out of thin air? What witnesses came forward in 2016 to say the election had been fixed? What witnesses came forward and signed declarations UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY — a higher standard than signing a request for a FISA Warrant by a lawyer, who always signs as to the best of his knowledge and belief, who rarely signs anything under penalty of perjury, because lawyers are advised to “not become a witness.”

    • The Attorney General stated that the FBI and DOJ hadn’t found sufficiently large amounts of fraud. The same FBI and DOJ that were weaponized against Trump for the last four years, making legal cases out of known lies. The same DOJ that has been weaponized against Republicans for decades. (The indictment against former AG Holder still hasn’t been delivered, has it?)

      • Ain’t going to find something you ain’t looking for, are you? Right? Kind of missed the whole Biden laptop thingy to, didn’t they?
        Next up, we’ll see the repub’s send all their energy getting rid of Biden. Only to put a communist hooker in the oval office. No way China can lose.
        What–ever, doesn’t seem to realize that the two party system are just sides on the DC coin.
        Their thieves. And there’s little truth in them. All of them. Trump is just one of the last cans we were trying to kick down the road. Before nature takes it’s course.

  4. What’s the use?
    And you have been where for the last 4 years? What liberal accepted the last election? And how many cities are already burning? Who set those fires?
    But if someone on this side mentions what naturally happens after an election gets stolen.
    Look who shows up to call treason on us. That’s rich.
    Biden’s the one that said on camera that they had assembled the worlds best voted fraud team. Were just taking him at his word.

    • Give it time. Sting operations take time to set up, and more time to fully spring the trap. This one has been in the worked for years, since before Trump became president. Right now we are watching the corrupt, compromised, and controlled out themselves. Savor the moment and watch in awe. When it all comes together it will be glorious.

      • You’re spinning bloody fantasies, Rolf. Your ultimate disappointment will be ignominious.

        • Oh, we are. We are. But some of us are too high to understand that it’s just dull old workaday stuff, not an exotic spy movie.

        • Spinning bloody fantasies. Like Maxine Waters, telling people to get in the face of Trump administration employees at restaurants and other places. Like Madonna saying she wishes she could blow up the white house. Like so many sore losers saying they were now going to resist, as if resisting was like a child’s spy movie. Like the people who said before the Electoral college had even met within each state to vote that they were going to impeach the President? Like the Antifa blackshirt fascists and the BLM Brownshirts who brawl in the streets and it’s the fault of someone else? Like the lickspittle lackey news readers who spun everything the President out of context or carefully edited, or summarized instead of using his actual words so the fantasy of a racist sexist thug National Socialist could be planted in the minds of impressionable adults?
          You mean like that? That shoe pinches on the other foot, and nobody has suggested even a third of the violence and totalitarian behavior you Leftists actually did over the last four years.

          • I have (virtually) known this person for probably 15 years or so now. It would be extremely rare that I would have categorized anything they said as “leftist”. Because of that I am inclined to think the most recent comments originate from a different point on the political spectrum.

          • Hey, Can we hold up bloody, severed heads that look like Biden and Harris now? (Asking for a friend).
            Like they did to Trump?
            It’s not a two-party system. It’s a two-faced system. Or put so that Liz Warren can understand.
            Government speak with forked-tongue. All who like government, lie!

          • Joe: please understand that, while you may have known this person for quite some time, many (most?) of the rest who read and occasionally comment here have not.

            While I generally trust your assessments and analyses, I am also faced with the reality of what has been said (or posted, if you prefer) directly.

      • I have an open mind here but extraordinary claims, which this is, require extraordinary proof.

        I can’t say that I’ve tracked down every lead the purports to go down this path but those I have followed don’t met my criteria for proof.

        At this point, I’ll believe it when the indictments become public.

  5. That, or Trump is part of the ruse. The controlled opposition. Either way, Mr. “Deth” contradicts himself. He says that our elites are “done in” (past tense). He then says that our elites are “our masters”. Surely it’s one of the other, isn’t it?

    He’s simply talking inside his imagination, where the enemy has already been defeated. Oh no, Padwan; the enemy is far from defeated. Nothing yet, you have seen.

    No matter the overall strategy, the masks have to come off at some point. then all hell breaks loose, and only when the enemy has calculated that its plans have a reasonable chance of success.

    It is most dangerous to assume that the conclusion is foregone. Furthermore, to assume that the forces, which have already gained control of every aspect of major national and global infrastructure, media and finance, while we slept, are stupid, that they cannot calculate, plan and organize effectively, is to believe in spite of your eyes, your ears, and centuries of history.

    Now it is true that David, son of Jesse, defeated Goliath, the Philistine, but it wasn’t with talk like Deth’s, nor with overwhelming numbers or great strength in arms.

  6. As others have said: Trump is an avatar.

    The Left is angry, and Trump is the target, but it’s not really Trump they’re angry at.

    It’s us — the people who voted for Trump, and who “stole” the 2016 election from Hillary. She was supposed to win by a landslide and waltz into the Oval Office, the first female President of the United States. It didn’t happen, because enough voters in enough key districts came out and voted against her.

    Hillary’s loss was our doing, but the Left can’t demonize 75 million people without the mask coming off, so instead they demonize our representative: Donald J. Trump.

    This whole farce — from Biden’s campaign promises, to Harris as a running mate (and next-in-line), to any frauds that may have happened — is about one thing: vengeance on all of us for rejecting their ongoing plan for the “fundamental transformation of America”. Expect the Biden/Harris administration to enact that plan, good and hard.

    We do indeed live in interesting times. Prepare accordingly.

  7. Texas had a number of other states sign on to their suit against the states that are in conflict with their own voting laws. The Supreme Court is the only venue that handles state vs state suits, and the USSC has agreed to handle it, and has already demanded the problem states answer the charges. So, some progress is being made on the legal venue approach. Trump still has more avenues to address the voting fraud issue, but he appears to be willing to use the less extreme measures first. Each method is similar to applying a bigger hammer to a problem. The Democrats should bear that in mind.

    • Correct.
      But the Democrats should also bear in mind that their actions have taken them, in the minds of many of us, from “opposition” to “enemy”.

  8. The whole exchange starting with the selection from SilverDeth, whoever he is, to the response from Oh what’s the use to the replies to him, have only reinforced my belief that this is not one country and cannot endure as currently constituted. If we are not to have a civil war, we must have the National Divorce. There is a 3rd option, of course, surrender. Taking your assurance that “oh, what’s the use” is not a Leftist as fact, I have to assume that he is an advocate of surrender. I find this unacceptable. Leftists, I at least understand, but conservative/libertarian advocates of surrender baffle me. What do they think is going to happen if the Constitution is abrogated by coups and stolen elections?

    • The normal, peaceful transfer of power, as provided for in our Constitution, is not “surrender.” (Nor are Presidents autocrats; I’m hoping for an uncooperative Congress but there’s a good chance truculent Trump voters on Georgia will throw that away).

      What do *you* think is going to happen if the Constitution is abrogated by coups and stolen elections? By nonsensical lawfare instead of the normal electoral process? Mr. Trump and his lawyers are undermining our system of government.

      I look forward to the Supreme Court tossing out their most recent effort.

      • The clear, obvious, widespread, and in places coordinated fraud upon our election system that give a false victory to Biden is a clear and present danger to the union, as democratic institutions can only function if the elections are seen as transparent and honest because they are. It is obvious that they are not in many places, and you condescending assertions otherwise, without factual evidence presented or laws cited, carry no weight.
        On the other hand, 170k non-traceable votes in Michigan might.

        • And on the other hand, the Supreme Court just tossed out the Texas challenge for the nonsense it is. All of Mr. Trump’s appointees concurred.

          • Okay Rolf, Your guy is probably the only remaining chance. Is he going to come through?

            Who is it that has a firmer grasp of reality? “oh what’s the use” or those of us who are certain the fraud was blatantly obvious to the most causal observer and the courts have to see it too?

          • Joe, I’m not so sure the case was without merit, but I do feel that other considerations were involved with a case that was not black and white.

            It is not human nature to look the effects that a decision could have when making that decision?

            And as to that elephant in the room, little is going to come of it. We’re now living in wokedom without a seat at the table.

          • And what of the effects of the decision they did make? Does this not mean the election laws of a state can be ignored, even openly flaunted, without consequence?

  9. Joe asks, “And what of the effects of the decision they did make? Does this not mean the election laws of a state can be ignored, even openly flaunted, without consequence?”

    Nothing of the sort. The Supreme Court ruled Texas lacked standing to bring a case; the dissenting Justices essentially said Texas didn’t need standing, but indicated that they “would not have granted further relief,” clearly imply the allegations in the filing were without merit.

    Indeed, most of not all of the claimed election-law “irregularities” in the four swing states have already been adjudicated in those states, and have been dismissed as meritless. Votes have been counted and recounted in those states, and Mr. Trump lost every time. Most actual observers and scholars of elections accept the results as honest. (Lots of states, including Texas, changed their election procedures, generally due to coronavirus concerns, and yet the suit only challenges it in four states, simply because they don’t like the outcome there.)

    What’s left is inflammatory hype and nonsense, by or in support of a candidate who failed to win the election in the normal, lawful way and now seeks to have those results set aside. Some statements by his supporters (Texas GOP chair Allen West, for instance) are directly seditious.

    As a partyless libertarian, I don’t have a favored dog in the fight; I have to rely on a modicum of balance in the legislature and informed restraint by the Executive. There’s less and less of both no matter who is infesting those offices.

    The United States has a long tradition of peaceful transfer of executive power and it would be tragic to throw it away because an ill-qualified narcissist is unwilling to accept that he failed of reelection. Why do it? The GOP has four years to come up with someone who can get elected and do the job competently and without bombast.

    It’s not as exciting as the fantasy, but it has the great virtue of being reality-based. There are four hard years ahead, especially if the balance in the Senate is tipped. The country is going to need politicians and activists — lobbyists — with both feet on the ground if we’re going to keep all ten amendments of the Bill of Rights intact; those of us who spend a lot of our lives online are in for a battle to preserve Section 230 from assault by both sides. Are you going to get to work, or spend four more years propping up Mr. Trump’s ego and battening on the whispered nonsense of some online prankster or black-hat disrupter hiding behind your worst fears and a single letter of the alphabet?

    • Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes. Is that what your saying happened?
      We know Biden didn’t win. So were supposed to suspend reality, trust that all will be OK if we just live with the lie?
      Having watched this election get stolen. Why would we except anything said or elected in the future?
      Work all you want. It’s obvious your clueless as to whom your dealing with.
      Communism is a religion of domination. Good luck being a liber–whatever, and working with them. Glad I’m short!

    • Saying, “Lots of states, including Texas, changed their election procedures” is not, in the slightest, justification for the four states in question to get away with what they did. It just means whatever remedy is applied to one state should be similarly applied to all. I’m less concerned with who wins than I am with proper procedures being followed. If the voting process was illegally changed such that it made the voting more secure then I could give the courts a pass in letting the results stand and giving the criminals a light sentence. As for the justifications for the law breaking… I’ve been in three “long relationships” (friendship, neighbor, spouse) where the other party had mental problems such as borderline personality disorder, narcissism, and sociopathy. They were incredibly adept at coming up with rational sounding justifications for their misdeeds. After many decades of that I have come to point where I realize that if you want to avoid escalating abuse you must simply say, “No. I won’t accept your justification. You will follow the rules or there will be consequences.” If it was important enough to change the voting process to accommodate the unusual circumstances then that urgency should have made for relatively swift passage of the desired changes via the normal legislative process.

      As for “Votes have been counted and recounted in those states”, surely you must use that for a shorthand for something more substantial. I think I know you well enough that you wouldn’t think checking someone’s claimed username several times would bypass the requirement they also provide the proper password before being given access to the corporate computer network, right?

      No one, that I know, has express concern about how many times the ballots have been counted or what that count was. The questions have been about the signatures being validated, invalid registration ballot being thrown out, ballots being changed, ballots being counted twice, ballots being accepted with improper postmarks, ballots receiving backdated postmarks, etc., etc. Are you saying all these fraud prevention measures have been verified for all the ballots counted?

      If these fraud prevention measures, put in place through the proper legislative process, have not been followed then there must be consequences. If not then that means that next time, as I said before, “The election laws of a state can be ignored, even openly flaunted, without consequence.” I know from long experience the crazy and the evil will always have a rationale to justify their actions.

      • Joe, when you write, “is not…, justification for the four states in question to get away with what they did,” what, precisely, are you alleging that they did, and what remedy are you hoping for?

        You’re buying into the fantasy that those states — and others — did something unlawful. That has not been shown, and when it has been brought before applicable courts, it has been refuted.

        There was a national election. It was honestly and fairly run, according to those many people of both major parties people charged with making sure. Mr. Biden won.

        The election system in the U. S. is so sprawling and decentralized, and so much of it is run by idealistic volunteers and part-timers, often carefully paired-up with members of the other party, that cheating on a scale large enough to affect the outcome could not happen without multiple disenchanted insiders coming forward and standing up under oath in court. That has not happened. All that has surfaced are out-of-context or misinterpreted videos and garbled stories from people literally and politically at the fringe.

        You have got yourself surrounded by blindly partisan adherents to Mr. Trump and people who have become ensnared in the dangerous fantasies of the so-called “Q-Anon” movement. By repetition, they have convinced themselves that their imaginings are reality, that up is down, that yesterday’s ally, be it Fox News or Bill Barr, must be today’s enemy if they question any bit of Mr. Trump’s wild claims.

        They have you spinning your wheels in wasted effort to “make it didn’t happen” instead of moving on to the next fight.

        Darned if I know what’s going to happen to the GOP. If they go all-in for Trumpism, the party will have lost any real intellectual and philosophical basis, and will either become irrelevant or give rise to the kind of Caesarism that has been seen many times in history. It will be detrimental to the United States and our Constitution.

        This will be my last comment in this thread. I can’t pull you back to the real world, Joe. You may haul yourself back, in time. You may not, and that will be unfortunate for the wider 2A community.

        • In many cases the recent changes to the election process did not go through the legislative process. Things like absentee ballots being sent to everyone instead of those that requested them. Things like signatures not being verified on the absentee ballots.

          Remedies? I’m open to suggestions. But those unauthorized changes, even if they were well intentioned, dramatically affected the integrity of the election and the people responsible for those changes need to be punished.

          …could not happen without multiple disenchanted insiders coming forward and standing up under oath in court.

          There are hundreds of affidavits claiming just that.

          You have got yourself surrounded by blindly partisan adherents to Mr. Trump and people who have become ensnared in the dangerous fantasies of the so-called “Q-Anon” movement.

          Ahh… that helps me resolve this. I was concerned that you had a much more clear view of this than I did. This statement makes it certain your view includes falsehoods which are clearly demonstrable. If you go back through the comments to this post and others you will find that I have been quite skeptical of Q-Anon based conclusions.

          I’m not basing my concerns on the inputs of “partisan adherents to Mr. Trump” either. I’m looking at the election from the standpoint of a computer security professional. It’s admittedly different from election security but it has enough similarities that I can draw conclusions that are not good.

          The “idealistic volunteers and part-timers” are part of the problem. I believe 99% of them would be unable to detect certain types of fraud if it happened right in front of them. Software developers and system architects, not stupid people, almost always design and build systems they believe are secure, but are not, when they don’t have a security professional on their team. Even when confronted with evidence their system could be breached they will dismiss the likelihood of such a breach as insignificant when in fact the likelihood is near 100%.

          Read my Security story for a real world case in point.

    • No, most of the cases were NOT adjudicated as meritless. They were dismissed without evidence being presented in most cases.

      Here’s the fun part. Once the electors have been seated and cast their votes, THEN Texas, and other states, have standing. Things won via fraud can be undone. The incoming martial law and military tribunals for treason will be interesting. I know *I* will not be on their list, “Oh, what’s the use;” are you as sure?

      • Yeah, but what makes you think SCOTUS won’t brush it off again as ‘you waited too long’?

        I’m still trying to figure out why Texas, et. al. would lack standing if their contention is that the fraud affected/disrupted an interstate event (the election, in this case).

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