Quote of the day—Samuel Alito

The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.

Samuel Alito
Supreme Court Justice
December 8, 2020
Supreme Court Denies to Block Pennsylvania From Certifying Election Results
[For some reason I find it amusing this is the entire order from the court on this case.—Joe]


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    • Another sliver of hope. We’ll see and it won’t take long either given the deadlines approaching.

  1. It is an odd statement that smells like a smack down. I suspect that decision was not based on the merits of the case – it was based on political and ‘what is good for the country’ considerations. The Supremes, too, know which way the winds are blowing.

    In with the new, out with the old – we now live in Wokedom.

    • Please note that it was just refusing to impose the injunctive relief, it was not a dismissal of the case. Lots of good postings on the election events at Vox Day’s blog right now.

      • Yep, I’m aware but I’m also getting disenchanted with hopium. In any case we will know in a few days.

  2. The order dismissing the case against Michael Flynn after his pardon was 40 pages long, and THAT case was less complicated than this one.

    • You mean the dismissal by “judge” Emmett Sullivan? That doesn’t count. That fake judge decided he was going to be judge, jury, and executioner against Flynn not just after the case was dropped by the prosecution, but even after Flynn was pardoned.
      He’s unfit to be on the bench. Whatever he does should be ignored, not cited.

  3. It’s a denial of the injunction. Those are usually short and to the point. This is NOT a denial of cert, which is actually throwing out the case.

    Injunctions only get entered in cases of irreparable harm. If you can fix it later, you don’t do an injunction. In this case, the SCOTUS could easily say, “your election certification is invalid, start over” making the injunction unnecessary.

  4. Bill O’Reilly said this morning that the courts are going to be “very reluctant to overturn the results of an election”. He meant it too, and said it without a trace of irony, as though we was educating us.

    This would be like police refusing to go after a bank robber, due to being “very reluctant to overturn a banking transaction”. Arresting a bank robber and taking back the cash he stole, you see, could “undermine public confidence in our banking system”. Better to let robbers get away with robbery, you know, so as to maintain “confidence in the system”. So then, which system are they really protecting?

    Apparently, they’re reluctant to overturn robbery.

    Are we really there already? Have we now arrived at that inevitable destination, that point of no return toward which Progressivism has been taking us since the turn of the 20th Century?

    Maybe. The sign that we’ve arrived will be that we realize it. That’s based on the theory that we’d never truly (be allowed to) realize it until it’s too late to stop it.

    • Good observations Lyle. Bill ‘O is a first order implant. Just enough truth to make the lie. He’s there to pick off fence sitters. The 1st. should fire him for the Soro’s shill he is.

    • I’ll bite. Here is one view that most of you are not going to like.

      As I look at the changes that are occurring in our society we’re there. And we’re not going back any more than the Anglo’s could go back to the period before the Saxon invasion because they themselves had become the Anglo-Saxons.

      We have met the enemy and he is us. Well not all of us, but we’ve all contributed to the changes that are occurring. When was the last time you did not have what you needed? That was common place just a few decades ago. When I was growing up the poor were thin, today the poor are fat.

      And it’s all due to tech. Tech has been successful beyond our wildest dreams. Unfortunately, like most things tech can be both good and bad. On the bad side it provides authoritarians the ability to track everything and every one far beyond what was imagined just a few year ago and to use that information in ways that would not benefit us. And with COVID-19 we are accelerating that process for the ‘good of the community’.

      It feels to me like I’m waking up after a bad nightmare and finding out that the nightmare was real. Yet in important ways, nothing has changed. I still have food on my table, there is still gas at the gas station, and within reason I don’t want for anything – certainly not for necessities.

      Change is in the air and we’ve not going back. We like our comforts and our lives too much and we’re not going to upset the apple cart in a fit of rage. And should one of us try, then that’s what SWAT teams are for.

      So what role do we want in the new order? And that brings up a tall order since we don’t seem to want anything – it’s the left that has been telling us what they want and us rejecting it.

      And when I use the word ‘left’ it’s non specific but in reality just a vague us. It’s our neighbors, our coworkers, and even our family and friends.

      • Absolutely, If we don’t love freedom enough. Which is about 95%. It’s nice and warm here under the dragon’s wings.
        But. Were better armed and educated than any group of citizens in history.
        And inflation/deflation/stagflation, is about to kick America out of the monetary hegemony it has used since ’45, to not feel the pain. It wasn’t tech as much as it was inflation.
        Since 1973 we have not had 1 quarter of growth that was not out paced by inflation.
        You might not remember the 70’s and gas lines? All because the Suadi’s required we pay for oil in gold?
        The fist fights then would be gun fights today.
        Trump or Biden/Harris won’t matter.. The land of plenty is about to go empty. Global reset is going to hurt.
        Your right. The life we liked is gone.
        But I don’t think anyone is going to like the new…..Normal?

  5. Here is the contact information for state AGs who might be amenable to joining the Texas suit if they hear from enough of their residents.
    Kentucky: Daniel Cameron | Phone: (502) 696-5300 | Main Fax: (502) 564-2894 | Email: https://ag.ky.gov/Contact-Us/Pages/default.aspx
    Iowa: Tom Miller | Phone: 515-281-5164 | Fax: 515-281-4209 | Email: webteam@ag.iowa.gov (If you seek a reply, please include your full name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number.)
    Idaho: Lawrence Wasden | Phone: 208-334-2400 | Wasden@lawrencewasden.com
    New Hampshire: Gordon MacDonald | Phone: 603-271-3658 | Attorneygeneral@doj.nh.gov
    Ohio: Dave Yost | Phone: 800-282-0515 | Web form: https://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/About-AG/Contact
    Wyoming: Bridgett Hill | 307-777-7841 or 307-777-7886 or 307-777-7977 | Web form: http://ag.wyo.gov/contact-us

    • Eighteen states have joined in Texas’s lawsuit or have filed amicus briefs.

      It only took -eleven- seceding for the leadup to the American Civil War.

      Make sure your seat belts are buckled, folks. It’s gonna get bumpy, methinks.

      • And there were 34 states at the beginning of the war. 11/34 => 32%. Currently we have 18/50 => 36%.

        So, it’s closer than 11 compared to 18 but still it’s a greater percentage.

        I wonder how the populations compare. Or economic output.

        We live in interesting times when people start to ponder these questions…

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