Quote of the day—BLM Activist

You can’t talk about education, and you can’t talk about black issues, and LGBT issues, and exclude them as if they’re some individual issue; you need to be looking at this using intersectionality.

It means recognizing that there is one common enemy: the white man. The systems that they use are capitalism, patriarchy, and fascism. They were created and perpetuated by white men, for white men, in the interests of white men.

And once we realize that we are all fighting the same fight, it just strengthens the army. A problem shared is a problem halved. Imagine if we all realized and came together and grouped together?

All of these groups of people, the issues they face, it all comes from the same people: white men. So we need to get rid of them.

BLM Activist
July 19, 2020
Exclusive Video: BLM Activist Says White Men Are ‘The Common Enemy’, ‘We Need to Get Rid of Them’
[Lesson learned from the 20th Century: If someone says they want to kill an entire class of people… Believe them! Then respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. The (former) Soviet Union, that paragon of anti-capitalist, egalitarian treatment of all people, was the most systematic racist, anti-semitic, anti-LGBTQ and anti-freedom government ever conceived, and that includes the Third Reich. The eleven million victims of the nazis pale in comparison to the victims of the Soviet Union’s leaders. If the BLM activist thinks that his Liberal, White, handlers will tolerate him after his usefulness is over, he (she? they?) is ignorant of history and deluded as to his (her? their?) importance to the revolution.

  2. “Imagine if we all realized and came together and grouped together?”

    It reminds me of conversations with my tanker buds regarding fighting in the Fulda Gap. They opted to call the preponderance of the enemy as;

    “A target rich environment”.

    Be still my heart…

    Jeff B.

    • Heh! Just so.

      If we all came together it could only be in the lake of fire.

      You can see it throughout the leftist-controlled (Romish) world; they’re trying specifically to undo what God did to Babylon.

  3. Okay, so, as a thought experiment, what would happen if “white people” decide to believe this idiot en masse?

    • One hast to understand that people like this want a race war. Now black people only comprise around 10%, 15% of the total population. While white people still comprised of over 60% almost 70% of the population. Also white people are more heavily armed and the majority of black people that own the kind of guns we do generally are not that far left. Oh they exist but most black gun owners are not the kind that want to kill all white men and would probably be appalled with that kind of mindset. Ironically enough most of the people that support this statement are probably white. Makes me wonder how old these young white college kids are going to think in 20 years when they have to live under the policies they create if they are even alive at all.

      These people want massive racism. It justifies their existence and justifies their paycheck.You go back over a decade ago and the racism issue wasn’t really a thing. Oh it was there but nowhere in closer to the degree it is now. And all the racism now is mostly black on white. Or ironically enough, white college kids hating white people. A type of self racism. But that kind of racism is OK because white people are bad.

      • Race has nothing to do with this. They’re just using race as cover for a Marxist operation.

        That some people actually fall for it doesn’t make it a race issue.

        • Race is totally an issue. Ask almost any black person, and they’ll tell you. At length. As will the 80 million Latinos now occupying large swaths of our formerly great nation.

          It’s Marxism AND race. You can have both a cold AND the flu.

  4. Just wait until they take over the federal government the extermination of white males will be state sponsored.

  5. Fortunately, I self identify as an Orange Man, so I’ll be okay when the exterminations start.

  6. This quote is from someone who’s a garden-variety sociopath from the left like Atomwaffen and the Klan are on the right. And their level of threat is equally small. I don’t really understand why you pay them any attention.

    • Oh, I don’t know. Maybe shooting 5 police officers in Houston? Burning down several business districts around the country. Wal-mart, Apple, Google, Donating 100’s of millions of dollars buys a lot discontent? Think KKK with money.
      That and the fact that their communist. Which will commit any evil act it deems necessary to the cause? And that history is wrote by determined minorities?
      What do you think Mao would do with a 100 million dollars, political cover, and a small army of useful idiots?
      Because not paying attention to these morons has gotten us to the point were at today? Your name bespeaks Jewish decent. Don’t you read history?
      So many examples. Why wouldn’t we be paying attention?

      • Ok, so I watched the video the quote came from. It’s a college kid with Harry Potter glasses wearing pajama bottoms and running his mouth about random events. When he gets to the “get rid of white men” part he giggles and says it in a clearly joking fashion. So now I have even less reason to believe he’s a viable threat. College kids everywhere talk like this, then they get out of college and have to get a job, and they stop. It’s a thing.

        The Internet is full of shit like this. If every loudmouth kid spewing the latest intersectionality bullshit were an actual threat, society would have burned to the ground years ago. Lots of talk, not much action. On the other hand, white supremacists have accounted for the vast majority of extremist violence over the last decade:


        • I beg to differ. I knew a few 60’s radicals. One even belonged to SDS and was arrested for breaking into a classified facility on campus. While he did moderate a little the years, he was still very much a radical in 2010. Another one who did not get into as much trouble ended up working at a secret scientific facility even though he was still a radical at heart. And third one who got a MBA also ended up joining the deep state.

          I know its a small personal sample, but I think that the leaders of today’s ‘deep state’ are the radicals of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. And today’s young vocal pajama wearers are likewise our likely future leaders.

          Attitudes like the one being expressed require a religious conviction and a religious conviction does not die easily. Dismiss them at your peril.

        • The “get rid of white men” and giggle didn’t come across as “clearly joking” to me. I interpreted it as giddy with happiness at the thought.

          Of course I have my biases, but so do you. Short of further data on this guy I think it impossible to say what he really thinks and how his audience is inclined to behave.

          I’m inclined to treat people making such “jokes” as serious until proven otherwise. If someone were making similar “jokes” about the elimination of black/gay/Asian/Jewish people would you dismiss it just as casually?

          • “If someone were making similar “jokes” about the elimination of black/gay/Asian/Jewish people would you dismiss it just as casually?”

            If it were a similar situation, yes. I’ve heard people talking about exterminating large groups of people for as long as I can remember. The Klan, the Aryan Nation, the Neo-Nazis, Stormfront, Atomwaffen, every evangelical homophobic preacher south of the Mason Dixon line, etc. etc. All just a bunch of thugs talking tough so they can bond over their shared hatreds, but without any actual plan. With few exceptions (Timothy McVeigh, Stephan Paddock) right wing terrorists have rarely been more than talk.

            And on the left, I’ve seen even less during my lifetime. I understand that in the 60s they were far more violent, but during my lifetime I’ve seen no mass actions resulting in death anywhere near what McVeigh and Paddock did.

            So in general, no, I think people spouting extreme rhetoric, particularly on the internet, are more likely to be doing it to bond with others than they are to actually be driving towards violent revolution. Maybe that will change in the future, but up to this point, I’m not seeing an existential threat.

            To Chet’s point, that the folks in power today are the radicals of the past, I have a hard time believing that given what complete sellouts they are. Where’s the radicalism? All I see of people in power today are corporate authoritarians and war mongering military/industrial complex whores. If the radicals of the 60s are our leaders now, they sure don’t act like it….

          • John, I mostly agree with your statement. I was referring to the senior officials in our bureaucracies both private and public – not our elected officials that have to run for office.

            Even though they are not front and center they are the ones that push and stall regulations and rules depending upon their opinions. From my, admittedly limited, experience, they run their little kingdoms with an iron fist of the cancel culture and plausible deniability.

        • Maybe you didn’t notice, John? Most of the people we’ve been fighting since Vietnam wear pajama bottoms?
          This is not a black vs white fight. This is a communist take-over. And that’s what Bill Ayers trained useful idiots look like.

          • Really? You’re going to equate this kid with Hitler? Now you’re well into “the sky is falling the sky is falling!” territory.

          • Well John S., that was one of the most perfect example of an SJW projection I’ve seen.
            I pretty sure John was equating to the lack of attention being paid to the details of what is being said to our faces? Not Jr. to Hitler.
            I also believe that’s why our forefathers gave us free speech? So we could understand the political movements being pushed in our day and age?
            You know, the ones Nancy and Chucky think we need to get away from?

          • Let me try this a different way: can you think of any examples of people like this guy, saying extreme stuff that you *don’t* think are a threat?

  7. Dear Mister BLM Activist; Karl Marx was a white man. Your Marxist organization therefore is following a white man, and that particular white man is in fact bringing you down! He be oppressin’ you! Best you get it figured out.

    Jesus Christ, on the other hand, was most likely sort of olive-skinned, but of course; race, or skin color, ethnicity, and so on are all irrelevant to salvation. Anyone, upon accepting Christ, will be grafted in to “the vine” and will become the seed of Abraham. Jesus then was quite clearly a total non-racist.

    Bottom line; your race alone won’t condemn you, and it certainly can’t save you. So quit acting like Karl Marx’s little bitch!

    Besides; I bet you a hundred dollars that you’re of mixed race. Is the black part of you going to eliminate the white part of you then? Will you therefore cut off your right arm and your left leg to “purify” your genetics? Or is your “blackness” actually nothing but Marxism, meaning that it was never about color in the first place, but about serving as the pawn of a communist?

    By the way; I suspect Karl Marx was the pope’s bitch. It would totally fit. It would also mean that BLM is serving as the bitch of two white bitches; the white bitch in Russia and the white bitch in Rome. (Hmm; king of the north, and king of the south, who, we are told, sit at the same table?)

    You know what else would totally fit? Mister BLM Activist being a lilly-white man or lilly-white woman, working for a white boss. Nothing about the left is genuine. No, not one thing.

    • The left are so racist more white people turned out to vote for Biden, than Obama got! That’s a good place for BLM to start. The DNC!

  8. He is not wrong that US society was created by white people, for white people. Up until 1965 the United States was a 90% white country. That the dominant demographic would create a culture for themselves is natural.

    Since 1965 legal and illegal migration has allowed the invasion of more than 45 million minorities here from third world nations all across the world, such that the former 90% white majority is now 63%, and continues to fall about 1% every year due to continued massive influx from central and south America.

    He hates the success of the dominant white culture, because he’s jealous and a Marxist, so of course he is going to rant and rave about “Capitalism” and “racism.”

    There is no convincing him otherwise. He is fully indoctrinated into the black liberation ideology cult. It will eventually come down to those like him vs the rest of us, and hopefully a helicopter ride can be arranged before it gets to that point.

  9. Oh, my bad. You must have been in the UK reading the Independent? Didn’t watch what happened all summer long?
    That’s right, society is getting burned down. See the people getting arrested for it? Most of them look just like Jr. in the video.
    The communists are in the process of stealing an national election for a senile crook and a political whore.
    Somebody taught Jr. to be a BLM brown shirt. But you seem to think it’s just a phase he’s going through? He is. It’s the same one the little girl in the “killing fields” was going through while putting plastic bag over peoples heads.
    330 dead in the last decade by white whatever’s? Planned Parenthood kills that black people a day! What a clown, John! Honk, Honk.

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