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American media is gripped in a polarized culture war that is forcing journalism to conform to tribal, groupthink narratives that are often divorced from the truth and cater to perspectives that are not reflective of the broader public but instead a minority of hyper-partisan elites. The need to conform to highly restrictive, artificial cultural narratives and partisan identities has created a repressive and illiberal environment in which vast swaths of news and reporting either do not happen or are presented through the most skewed and reality-detached lens.

With nearly all major media institutions captured to some degree by this dynamic, a deep need exists for media that is untethered and free to transgress the boundaries of this polarized culture war and address a demand from a public that is starved for media that doesn’t play for a side but instead pursues lines of reporting, thought, and inquiry wherever they lead, without fear of violating cultural pieties or elite orthodoxies.

Glenn Greenwald
October 29, 2020
My Resignation From The Intercept
[We are in the midst of a mass delusion about the political reality of our country. When those suffering from this delusion are confronted with the evidence their delusion they attempt to suppress that evidence and those that present it.

Greenwald is taking a courageous but difficult path. Correctly perceiving reality is an extremely tough problem yet it appears Greenwald knows the path to the truth. He is going down that path even though those suffering from the mass delusion are putting formidable obstacles in his way.

Even though the path is difficult we should remember that no matter how many people insist on the validity of a falsehood, reality always triumphs in the end.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Glenn Greenwald

  1. “American media is gripped in a polarized culture war…”

    Aside from a few enclaves, the war has been lost and the wounded have been bayonetted.

  2. Rioters are peaceful protesters and peaceful protesters are rioters. Words have lost their meanings along with rules of behavior.

    We’re now living in a real life version of “Through the Looking-Glass” brought about by our technical know-how. Of course, reality still exists with its very real limits – a lesson that we ALL are going to have to experience because of the stupidity of our elite.

  3. As L. Sprague de Camp once wrote, “Reality is what is left after you stop believing.” Unlike in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, we’ve already dosed the little boy with psychotropic drugs for his ADD, ASD, Oppositional Disorder, reading books, and “Forming independent opinions, as was frequently the charge in the Soviet Union, so he can barely tell the difference between food and the lines on the window of the short bus he is sent away in for therapy and “mainstreaming”.

  4. “American media is gripped in a polarized culture war that is forcing journalism to conform to tribal, groupthink narratives…”

    Part of the problem isn’t so much that they are gripped by this and/or being forced to conform. They, themselves, have contributed greatly to the polarization, and are continuing to push the “tribal, groupthink narratives”. If they would simply report, rather than editorialize, and report ALL of the news, no matter who it skewers, there wouldn’t be as much destruction and rubble to sort through in this culture war.

  5. The Media is an integral part of the idiocy that has gripped the country. More to the point, they are the linchpin of it. The problems we are dealing with would not exist without their meddling. That they will be held personally responsible for this deliberate damage should be obvious to them, but they act quite oblivious to human history and the resultant backblast of such blatant stupidity.

    I see three groups to address when the flag goes up:
    1) Media
    2) politicians
    3) Directors

    Historically, the Media doesn’t get much attention, but in this case I would expect them to be a primary focus, at least initially.
    Have I overlooked anyone?

  6. Who, what, when, where, why? It ain’t rocket science, Greenwald. Do your damn job and people will read you.

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