Quote of the day—Evil Eye Of Seth Rollins @ThePunk1019

Gotta feeling history will repeat itself


Evil Eye Of Seth Rollins @ThePunk1019
Tweeted on October 16, 2020
[If you replace “British” with one or more appropriate U.S. government organizations then it’s a plausible hypothesis.—Joe]


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  1. Nit pick: It was April 19, 1775

    Edit: Guess I should’ve looked at the poster first.

  2. What was that saying; “..trading one despot three thousand miles away for three thousand despots one mile away”? Something like that.

    And here’s the main point in all of this; if socialism is as destructive as even Donald Trump pretends to admit, then why is any of it tolerated within our borders? Why hasn’t it been banned? Collectivist government will have been far more destructive to the United States than the Civil War, two world wars, the Cold War, and all other foreign enemy actions, natural disasters and crimes combined. Surely then, getting rid of every hint of socialism (or any other form of hierarchical, centrally planned intervention in economic and social life) should be the highest national security priority of all time. If the president truly believes what he’s said about socialism, that it is a destructive force, then why tolerate any form of it for another minute? Certainly, any form of socialism is anti-constitutional, and yet it now dominates in the “Land of the Free”, and so the president has the legal authority to clamp down on it and prosecute the offenders. But he’s one of the offenders. They all are.

    Instead of banning this admittedly destructive force within our borders, all we’ve ever gotten is lip service. All we will ever get is lip service. It’s designed to keep us from revolting while the final touches are put on the alliances, technologies and doctrines being used to enslave us. Guns or the lack of guns will have been a mere footnote in the history which is now unfolding.

    Enjoy your Social Security, your Medicare, your subsidized energy, subsidized food, subsidized drugs, subsidized communications, subsidized transportation, state-run education and even subsidized entertainment, plus your regular stimulus and bailout checks. Maybe you’ll even end up on Soc Sec “Disability”. America, as ostensibly founded, as a beacon of liberty, that purported shining torch as an example to the world, was lost before your parents were born, and it isn’t coming back.

    You talk about revolution. I submit that the quickest way to get American citizens to revolt, to take up arms on a wide scale in every state in the union, would be to deprive them, or even merely threaten to deprive them, of their socialism. THAT would cause an instant revolution!

    That being the case; do you still want all your neighbors armed? For surely the gun cannot uphold liberty if liberty dwells not in the heart of the bearer. And if liberty were dwelling in the hearts of Americans, we’d never have gotten to this point. Most Americans, even most Republicans, wouldn’t even recognize liberty if they experienced it. They’d see it as slavery, or as some other form of violation of their “rights”.

    In short; Guns don’t exalt liberty; people do.

    • “Guns don’t exalt liberty, people do.”
      People with guns Lyle it’s ever been so. It’s how you get it and how you keep it

  3. We may have the guns and the numbers and a good portion of support by those they would ask to take our guns but they have the nukes, absolutely no value for human life and the desire to exterminate literally every single solitary person that opposes them, resists them, and does not think like them.

  4. Spot on. And like I said before. Osama bin Laden should have gone on the news and said. No,No. Not the USA. We just hate New York city!
    2/3rds. of the country would have been nodding their heads in affirmation. And complaining about him not doing a “fight club” on the credit card banks!
    This time the Kulaks have guns.

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