Quote of the day—Vanessa Grigoriadis @vanessagrigor

My brain has left the building and all I have is the reactive mind

Vanessa Grigoriadis @vanessagrigor
Tweeted on September 22, 2020
[I wish more people were this self-aware and recused themselves from public debate and voting until they have recovered. The political climate would be dramatically different and far better.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Vanessa Grigoriadis @vanessagrigor

  1. Boeing is leaving Seattle and it was a carefully considered decision to the BIPOC reactive mindset of our leaders. Did Boeing hear them say that 2 + 2 can now equal 5?

    • Yes, except they didn’t say anything so restrictive. It might equal six, seven, or even eleven. Nuance, you know.

  2. It’s not so much a matter of who votes, nor of who counts the votes, but rather it is about who is in charge of the nomination process. So long as the two parties do the nominating we’re never getting off of the path to ruin.

    One party sells quasi-religious authoritarianism to the “conservative” base and the other party sells ostensibly secular authoritarianism to the “liberals”. Both are doing their due diligence, and doing it well, leading us to the same end.

    We could in theory “throw the bums out” at every election and still never change anything but the manner and style of the implementation of the ever-growing authoritarian beast we’ve seen emerging throughout all our lives. They know how to push our buttons, so to speak, and they push them with the great skill and aplomb which comes from generations of practice and dedication. One evil is always replaced with another evil, already prepped and waiting in the wings, using some different set of pretenses carefully formulated for the moment.

    When the party we’ve elected notoriously fails to stem the tide, as it always will, they can always blame the other party, and we’ll continue to accept the excuses, having no alternative. As bad as “our party” is (which ever one that might be, in our assessment), they’re always at least a little bit less bad than the other party. It’s a brilliant strategy. Ultimately it will work as planned, and we will have helped it along.

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