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The right to keep and bear arms could be found to be protected both by 42 U.S.C. § 1981 and by the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, according to standards set forth in Jones v. Mayer. The court remarked that “history leaves no doubt that, if we are to give [the law] the scope that its origins dictate, we must accord it a sweep as broad as its language. Further, the Thirteenth Amendment clothed “Congress with power to pass all laws necessary and proper for abolishing all badges and incidents of slavery in the United States.” The black code prohibitions on possession of firearms were a badge of slavery.

Stephen P. Halbrook
Freedmen, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Right to Bear Arms, 1866-1876 page 194.
[“The black code prohibitions on possession of firearms were a badge of slavery.

As are prohibitions against any person of legal age and sound mind regarding the possession of firearms.

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  1. In “That every man be armed”, Halbrook quotes from the legislative history of the 14th Amendment. The Congressman who proposed that amendment described its purpose, among which was to protect the rights described in the Bill of Rights. He went on to enumerate them, and explicitly and directly called out the 2nd Amendment. Halbrook goes on to say that, in subsequent debate, no one voiced any opinion that the 2nd Amendment would not be “incorporated” by the 14th.

    Unfortunately, in standard fashion, it wasn’t long after that activist courts gutted the plain language of the Amendment and set “precedents” utterly wiping out its intent. Some of that was repaired during the 20th century; some of it remains work to be done.

  2. And human history has proven beyond doubt that. The protection of privileges and immunities can only be guaranteed by the bearing of arms by common people. As government after government failure in this field of endeavor stands at nearly 100%.
    So bad is it’s record that anyone espousing it’s virtue should immediately be considered jaundice to society. Held suspect until such time as apologies be forthcoming. And prostrations of their ignorance be rendered!
    In all this we see that government is the one lagging in human progression. As humanity finds itself constantly at odds with very system it built to protect society. And once again we find ourselves being compelled into the maelstrom of ignorance created by those in government, and those seeking it’s powers.
    Once again we see the 14th. telling government what IT should do. And what IT should leave alone. And once again we see IT doing anything but those things required of IT.
    Which rises the question. Who is more insane? As repetition by either party can render no new result? I conclude that all are insane! Therefor I need to protect myself.
    Sorry about my mental diarrhea, Joe.

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