Quote of the day—Jane Ginsburg

I think that Mother, like many others, expected that Hillary Clinton would win the nomination and the presidency, and she wanted the first female president to name her successor,

Jane Ginsburg
Daughter of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
September 20, 2020
Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg Refused to Step Down
[That would explain it. But what a price she paid for symbolism.

I find that as I get older I’m less inclined to take risks. I’ll take an low risk incremental improvement over a high risk high gain option. Apparently RBG didn’t mature along the same path I did. She took a big risk for a small gain.—Joe]


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  1. There wasn’t any risk if she was listening to all the professionals friends. Everything she had been working around and communicating with, said Hillary had it in the bag. Look at the circles she moved in. The dirty backroom world known as DC. That was her swamp. She was a bitch with big teeth.
    All the crap that went on in this country for over 20 years had been approved by her. She was a lawyers, lawyer. Lower than low!
    All the crap they used to try to destroy Trump. That’s her. Think McCabe, Comey, Mueller, The Clinton Foundation, FISA courts, on and on. She didn’t know about? Obama’s back handed, forked tongued communist crap. She didn’t give approval to? She was the top constitutional lawyer and didn’t know abortion was murder? Or that infringement didn’t really mean infringement? She knew, and was the biggest defender of the biggest lies ever imposed on the world!
    She didn’t step down because of pure hubris.
    What she forgot is there’s no such thing as the last laugh for humans.
    As Mark Twain said; I don’t wish death on anyone. But I have read some obituaries with glee. May it read forever. 87 years of failure. It took cancer to make a good communist of her.

  2. High risk? It depends on what she knew and when she decided to start knowing it (or to stop knowing it). It depends on the degree to which she was in on the lies (among the perpetrators) or whether she was a victim of them (among the duped). The fact is, we all have a little bit of both in us, so we’re taking about degree only, which is a non-starter.
    We’re all sinners, convicted of multiple crimes each carrying a death sentence, and all that matters in our sentencing hearings is our allegiance.

    • She knew things could only get worse from the time when Democrats held both the Senate and the Whitehouse. It was almost all risk with the only potential upside the symbolism of a woman president appointing her replacement.

      For her gamble to succeed it required two things of only moderate probability to come true. If you give each a probability of 0.7 then the odds of the gamble succeeding was 0.49. Even if the odds of retaining the Whitehouse in mid 2016 were 0.95 with the odds of regaining the Senate at 0.70 then her odds of “winning” were 0.665.

      She wasn’t a stupid person. Those are very simple calculations.

      She gambled for the symbolism and lost the battle for a “progressive” court for decades to come. Her hubris was the downfall of the political left.

  3. She would have had to have made that calculation in 2014 before the Republicans took the Senate. Not sure what the status of her health was in 2014 but Hillary as a slam dunk came later with a major detour into Bernie-land coming before her big crash. It is unusual for a party to get a 3rd term and Trump was a small cloud on the horizon in 2014. The candidate was supposed to be Jeb! and since the rest of us know his weakness, I have to assume that RBG did too. Would McConnell have played the same sort of hardball with a RBG replacement as he did with a Scalia replacement. Who knows. Certainly, he was gambling too as Garland was as moderate as possible for a Democrat president (Except on 2A issues which is the trap that Obama was laying.)

  4. There is a story in the legal profession that RGB was none too impressed with the two female appointments that Obama made and had an arrangement with Hillary that she would be allowed to name her own successor.

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