Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

What is the plan for eliminating Antifa once our elected leaders give up? We should have a backup plan for the ground game.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on September 6, 2020
[There are lots of suggestions in response.

My favorite:

Simple. Unrestricted law enforcement. Let LEOs do their job, and force Prosecuters to mandate jail time. The legal system is a great deterrent when applied properly.

ruco @ruco_mon
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

My nomination for best troll:

Killer two part plan, Scott:

1. Get the cops to stop murdering unarmed people.
2. Get white supremacists to stop holding rallies.

I promise you, you would never get a whiff of antifa again.

a foog @FoogInc
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

My nomination for most innovative:

Marshall law, shutting down the democratic communist party, letting the military run former democratic cities and states whilst teaching their population what Democracy is. Just like they did very successfully in post war Germany and Japan.

Yonatan Yahav @YahavYonatan
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

My nomination for most impractical but made me laugh:

Wall them off, and record the aftermath via drones. Make it required study material for future generations.

Mark Zigzag Chapman @ZigzagChapman20
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

My nomination for best sound bite:

Hollow points win over talking points any day of the week.

Shemtov @Shemtov10
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

My nomination for most oxymoronic:

Extinction Rebellion and antifa losers that get arrested for minor crimes should be forced to volunteer in 3rd world countries like South Africa…

Christopher Gaska @ChristopherTodd
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

My nomination for the longest range:


Make California Red Again ????  @6lackelonmusk
Tweeted on September 6, 2020

Any better ideas?—Joe]


17 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

  1. Barricade the highways and major streets in and out of the cities. No trucks go in, no buses come out. Cut the power lines. Shut down the gas lines. Reroute trains around the city. Refugees are to be searched and questioned. Democrats get turned around and sent back.

    Let them eat cake.

  2. Make work great again. Kind of hard to Burn, Loot, Murder, all night when you have to go to work in the morning. No worky, no eaty.
    Outlaw living in mom’s basement. Then deport the homeless?
    And just start arresting and jailing the F——ing leaders already!. Soro, Clinton, Kate Brown. They have all committed felonies enough to get life sentences!
    One of the biggest problems is the two tiered legal system. Start applying the law equally and the REVCOM PEDO group will disappear overnight. The problem with this country is that Bill Ayers isn’t breaking rocks on a 3,000 calorie a day diet till he’s dead. you bomb our police, you pay the price. Instead he’s out writing school books? That’s the problem.
    You can shout all the communist crap you want down on the street corner. The first fire bomb should get you shot. Soon it will anyway.
    Equal justice under the law is the best we can do on this earth as humans. That and making examples out of those who don’t practice it.

  3. One of the top job requirements of any local government is maintain peace / law / order. Tell all relevant judges, DAs, politicians, bureaucrats, LEOs, and government employees that if things are not brought under control promptly, they have three choices: quit their jobs and quit the state immediately, surrender themselves peacefully to being arrested for misfeasance / malfeasance in public office, or their names, faces, and home addresses will be posted and the region declared in rebellion, and a bounty will be placed on all their heads (dead or alive) for the unorganized militia to deal with. Their choice. Enforce the law properly to ensure public safety, or be declared outside the law and suffer accordingly.

  4. One more time; the various street thugs are just one tip of one spear in a massive global war. Their ideological programmers, leaders and financiers are comfortably ensconced throughout our universities and government institutions, living off of taxpayers, or working in media, or in your local church or other tax exempt organization, indoctrinating the next generations of anti-libertarian judges, police, legislators, scientists, clergy, news anchors and screenplay writers with naught but the mildest resistance and barely any notice at all. They are the deep state. They hold position, title, wealth, power and influence, we’ve never even heard the names of most of them, and wouldn’t care if we did.

    To turn your gaze on the street demonstrators, to give them a moment of your consideration, is to turn away from those who’re making it happen, those who are paying them, supporting them, chartering their transportation, providing their ideological basis, moral support and logistics, backing them up with media cover and encouragement and then standing aside at a safe distance, those who are making far worse things happen around the world while we busy ourselves with the shiny distractions and dialectics they’ve arranged for us.

    And again; we’re busying ourselves swatting a few drones, or not really even doing that much but only fantasizing about it for our own entertainment. So we laugh at them, or rather we laugh at our own cleverness, while the queen bees remain comfortable, confident and safe in their nests. By the time we wake up and realize that we ourselves have been acting as drones serving those same queens, then a) the shock of the realization will leave us off kilter and out of sorts for a time, and b) it will have been far too late to stop it, much less turn it around.

    Besides; since we no longer remember what it is that we’ve lost (the Protestant Reformation), and since we could no longer even recognize the real thing if we saw it, and wouldn’t care even if we could recognize it, how could we ever get it back again?

    “Shut up, Lyle, with your nonsense” I can already hear, “We’re busy here trying to solve this thing!” And to that I say, Ah hah; there’s the problem; you don’t recognize the paradigm, the war, the players, or the strategic and tactical landscapes. And so all that’s left is for you to protect your wealth, your belongings and your freedom of movement, and those things are already going by the wayside as the infrastructure to take them away is already in place and operational, backed by an ideology thousands of years old and developed to a fine art.

    • And that is why I wrote what I did above. The street rioters are the symptoms, the corrupt DAs / pols / cops / judges / bureaucrats are the problem. THEY need to feel the wrath of judgement and consequences of failure to uphold their oath.

      • And above them, the money men like Soros, who by all rights should be visited by a Hellfire missile one fine day.

    • Then we need to crash our economy along with all its institutions, destroy all production facilities, and let most people starve. Of course, that seems to be the left’s plan anyway. Perhaps we can find common ground after all – it is just a matter of who will starve.

    • No Lyle, were just waiting for you to take out the pope. That’s the signal to start a roll-up ground game of all the lower-level operators.
      Were just waiting on you, bro.

  5. I have one idea: Sentence them to find private-sector jobs & pay all of their own taxes and bills. As part of their sentence, they will also be required to spend most of their spare time cleaning up the mess they left behind.

  6. sir:

    a simple addition to most “justifiable homicide/assault” statutes as found in the criminal law sections of statute books.–

    “it shall be justifiable homicide for any person and/or property owner to kill or wound any person engaged in assault upon his person or in the commission of any damage in excess of $250 against his or her property, real or personal, whether said deceased was engaged in protest, riot, arson or vandalism. threats or assertions of intent to engage in such acts shall be considered the commission of such acts.”

    simple. straight forward. takes the burden off the cops.

  7. sir:
    and added proviso to the justifiable homicide statute set forth above.–

    “any elected and/or public official charged with the responsibility/duty to protect lives and property during the commission of protest, riot, arson, vandalism or assault upon person or persons who does not take reasonable and seasonable efforts to stop the same, and to prevent persons from perpetrating such actions, shall be deemed to have aided, abetted, furthered and/or encouraged such perpetrators in the commission of those act, and shall be deemed equally responsible for them, and shall come under the provisions of the justifiable homicide sections of these statutes.”

    i believe that encourage public officials to enforce the law, and to take active steps to quell riot, vandalism and assault.

  8. finally.—

    “anyone who acts in the defense of another or of another’s property as set forth in these paragraphs is equally availing of the coverage of these justifiable homicide provisions.”

    simple as that. you shouldn’t have to establish ownership of property and/or affiliation with a person who owns the same to justifiably come to his aid or the protection of his property while others are looting or damaging his property or goods.

    • More seriously, unless you are using the B52’s to give “free rides” to the communists this would seem to violate my strong bias to address each crime on an individual basis.

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