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Dear confused liberal,

If you are a liberal who can’t stand Trump, and cannot possibly fathom why conservatives would ever vote for him let me finally fill you in.

If Donald Trump is reelected it will be because we are sick of your complete and utter nonsense and destruction. How does it feel to know that half of this country finds you FAR more despicable than Donald J. Trump, the man you consider to be the anti-Christ? Let that sink in. We consider you to be more despicable, more dangerous, more stupid, and more narcissistic than Donald Trump. Maybe allow yourself a few seconds of self-reflection to let that sink in. This election isn’t about Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden. This is about Donald Trump vs. YOU.

Renee G
August 24, 2020
‘It’s Not That We Love Donald Trump So Much. It’s That We Can’t Stand You.’
[Please note this is to the “confused ‘liberal’”. There are many Progressives/Marxists/Communists who are not confused about the ‘appeal’ of President Trump.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Renee G

  1. Look at it this way, if Trump was so bad, shouldn’t it be easy to get someone better in office? He beat like a dozen Republican candidates, and then the Democrat’s nominee. He’s so bad, but neither side could find someone who was at least a little less worse?

    The fact that Trump was able to get elected in the first place says a lot more about them IMO.

  2. I need not look at Trump. All I have to look at is; do I want a senile communist as president? Not to mention Kamala Dudas Coke, and the new Kingstown voodoo posse as VP? Do I want Obama and team back in the white house with a rubber stamp for a president? The Pelosi,,Aoc, Schumer, Schiff Maoist cabal to start Cw2,WWIII, and CHICOM 5G networking of everything that controls every aspect of your life? Oh, how the list could go on!
    At this point I would vote for my wife’s 20 year old cat before Joe Biden. Renee is right. We reject them, as Biden isn’t much more than a picture at this point. Actually, more like a Billy Bass.

  3. Is it possible that the powers-that-should-not-be are intentionally using the Democratic Party to get Trump elected? Who but the Democrats, after all, could make Republicans look good by comparison? And see how absolutely, over the top criminally insane they’ve had to become in order to do it!

    THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the Republican Party– Without the Democrats, we’d ignore them as the confused, ignorant, silly, pandering, corruptible, contradictory, power-hungry, cynical, often childish, attention-hungry boobs they are.

    Only compared do a Democrat does a Republican appear knowledgeable, wise, principled, selfless and strong.

    Enjoy your COVID restrictions, the resulting shortages, the coming forced vaccinations, the ever increasing surveillance society, the coming cashless economy and social credit system, and your Trump stimulus checks, suckers (and look; we all forgot about the rampant illegal immigration)! And when it’s pointed out how diseased the Republicans are, you can always point to the Democrats as being even worse!. Somehow though, I don’t think that lets us off the hook.

    But nothing at this point is going to stop it. We’re stuck with the mono-party and their global alliance. So it’s only a matter of whether you want to be an official supporter, or signatory, or ally as it were, to the beast.

  4. It is my belief that Trump is an accidental president. I think he went into this sort of as a game. “Hey, I wonder how well I’ll do running as a GOP candidate.”

    And the Dem’s and the Media took one look at the *strong* republican field and immediately gave Trump amazing amounts of positive air time. They played him as a joke.
    I remember telling my lady, “That poor sucker, if he wins the nomination, the very next day, all those media people that have been fawning over him are going to be his worse enemies.”

    And that is what happened.

    The media went out their way to kill off all the other primary candidates leaving only Trump standing in the end. Once they had Trump as the GOP candidate they did their best to destroy him.

    So I went to sleep on election night depressed as hell. I woke up to Trump as president in shock. I had to check multiple news sources before I could actually believe he won.

    We didn’t “pick” him as our best candidate, we elected him because we played by our rules and were stuck with him. And he was a darn sight better than Hilary.

  5. It is also about the Marxists vs us. As the meme goes, it’s us they hate. Trump is just in the way.

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