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I’m actually really impressed by their ability to transition from journalists to fiction writers at the drop of a hat. As an English Major, I can attest to the fact that stylistic changes are genuinely quite difficult for most writers.

DannyTypo @DanPariah
Tweeted on August 27, 2020
[This was in reference to CNN coverage of the Democrat convention versus the Republican convention.—Joe]


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  1. No, I’m pretty sure it was fiction both times. It was more a transition from saccharine hagiography to purple-prose horror, but fiction in both cases, and that in part because they’d been given Cliff’s Notes for the script to write well ahead of time. Not so great a feat.

    • So; you’re pointing to a conspiracy? A grand conspiracy? Of, perhaps, shall we say, epic proportions?

      Well at least we’re no longer laughing at them. That’s an improvement.

  2. Their writing neither. Their trained propagandist’s is all. The Maoist Media has been practicing that genre since–forever dude.
    You say fiction, I say lying their ass off. They remind me of drug addicts. No matter what how outrageous the lie they tell you. You just HAVE to believe them!
    Having empathy for them puts one in a constant state of embarrassment.
    Not that there isn’t some talent there. I mean Racheal Maddow actually does talk out of both sides of her mouth.

    • Ok, so, being that they’re all in lock-step ideologically, as you seem to acknowledge, and being that the international organizations are on the same page, and seeing that the official scientific and religious institutions around the world agree with them, who, do you suppose (seriously now) is pulling the strings?

      Or should we be looking at all of this as just random convergence, or as Charles Darwin might have put it, “Convergent Evolution” (of ideology, tactics, strategies and goals), having no design, thus no designer and thus no coordination, behind it whatsoever?

      Is the global “left”, which now controls all of the world’s major institutions, a mere result of the random forces of nature, or are they coordinated? And if they are coordinated then who is doing the coordination?

      Discuss. (and don’t make it about me, please. I’m just the insignificant fool in the back of the room who asked the question)

      • I don’t think your a fool at all. Yes, it all comes back to the father of lies. As Marx was a Satanist. And your right. There is no human institution that will not be co-opted and used by evil to wage it’s ignorant war. And it goes double on churches.
        Man is fallen, and he ain’t getting back up on his own.
        None of that is in question. What is, is what are you going to do about it?
        Fighting the good fight is fighting with what you have. Against those that one can reach. And since were stuck fight over the internet. And the Pope won’t answer my calls anymore. And even Maoist ain’t stupid enough to come by my house for a “struggle”. I think Alinsky’s idea of using sarcasm and ridicule is a fine way to make friends and piss people off. Is it working?

        • Since you are one of the few willing to speak in Biblical parlance, I would say this;
          “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

          It’s a simple message, saying nothing about defeating the forces of darkness. We could spend the next 20 years poking fun at the “drones”, calling them out for being “mind-numbed robots”, and speaking of the “hive mind”, their “mob mentality”, “group think” and so on, which we have been doing here for the last 20+ years. But of course every hive has its queen, and unless we focus on locating the hive, identifying its doctrinal details, comparing and contrasting those doctrines with those of the Bible upon which, regardless of what anyone says to the contrary, Western Judeao/Christian Civilization with its precepts of liberty was built, and exposing the queen of the hive, then what we are doing otherwise is so close to nothing at all that it may as well be nothing at all.

          Sarcasm and derision are the tools of chaos, playing into the hands of the enemy. Years ago I advocated them openly, and in conversations with Joe, but I have done a complete reversal on that since. For one thing, a person can feel derided only if he shares the same basic principles of right and wrong as you. i.e. one cannot feel shame or embarrassment unless, at some level, he believes he’s doing something wrong. Otherwise he only sees us as barking, mindless jackals who “don’t get it” (we’re not “woke”). I fail to see the benefit in that, other than perhaps some emotional satisfaction that we might get, entertaining ourselves with our own clever retorts and taunts. For another thing, and this is critically important; a good teacher never derides his pupils.

          We are enjoined to spread the message, “Come out of Babylon! Come out of her, my people!” As you say; no earthly power can stop the formation and full implementation of the beast power (a conglomerate of secular and religious powers, controlled [ridden] by the whore [woman = church] holding the cup of the wine [doctrine] of the wrath of her fornication [apostasy]), and so stopping it or even impeding it is clearly not the objective. Even trying is to make sound and fury, signifying nothing. The objective is to get as many people to understand the properties of the beast, and to refuse to be allied with it, either in their unwitting actions (mark on the hand) or in their beliefs (mark on the forehead). It is a matter of who or what a person recognizes as the authority in his life and in the world.

          Many “Christians” say we should only talk about Jesus, essentially reducing the Bible down to one verse, John 3:16, but that leaves people vulnerable to the seductiveness of the beast powers. In fact that is what we’re seeing, as the Reformation has been abandoned in favor of “ecumenism” (i.e. “Unity”) because no one wants to speak out against a “fellow Christian” church no matter how corrupted its doctrine or how many millions of people it’s had murdered.

          • That was a pretty fancy circle you just talked yourself around.
            Maybe you don’t realize how Satan changes tactics? And you can’t fix the enemy? Jesus tried to tell you that, buddy.

  3. If we look back at history the global left got its start with the UN and with professor after professor lamenting the state of many peoples. In the 70’s famine and the ability to feed the world was one problem. Another one was our excessive use of resources modeled by the Club of Rome. At the same time, we became convinced that we had the ability to fully control our world.

    And indeed we solved the ability to feed the world using the ‘green revolution’ industrial farming. That just reinforced our belief that we could do anything and control anything.

    So today the global left believes that they are gods and refuse to acknowledge that there are any limits to their knowledge or powers.

    To answer your question the idea that we are gods is simply a very seductive idea. No coordination or authority is necessary.

    From their perspective, we are the reactionaries and are standing in their way of achieving a perfect world.

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