Sign the Kyle Rittenhouse petition

I just created a White House petition asking for the prosecution of the district attorneys who changed Kyle Rittenhouse with murder.

This is the petition:

Prosecute district attorneys who charged Kyle Rittenhouse with murder under 18 u.s. code § 242

18 USC § 242 provides for the punishment of “Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States…”

The district attorneys in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, despite clear evidence of lawful self-defense, filed murder charges against Rittenhouse. This not only subjects Rittenhouse to unlawful deprivation of rights it creates a chilling effect on others who wish to exercise their specific enumerate right to keep and bear arms in defense of self and others.

The district attorneys and others involved in this unlawful activity should be prosecuted.

The petition requires 150 signatures before it becomes visible on the web site. Then, if the petition receives 100,000 signatures by September 28th 2020 the White House will respond to the petition.

Gun owners cannot constantly play defense. If the best that happens is that charges against Rittenhouse are dropped or he is pardoned he was still punished by the process. It still casts a chilling effect upon the exercise of specific enumerated right.

Even if we win many of the court battles against unconstitutional laws infringing the right of the people to keep and bear arms the criminals who created and enforced those laws suffered no punishment for depriving the people of their rights for years and even decades. This has to stop. It’s time for these criminals to be punished.

Sign the petition. Share the link to the petition on your social media. Put criminal government officials on notice that infringement of civil rights will not be tolerated without them risking the payment of a serious price. Tell government officials you hope they enjoy their trial.


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    • I’d be happy enough if they prioritized according to severity of offense, put the worst in whatever prison space they have, and fined the remainder $250K per offense and used half of the fines to build more prisons specifically for the criminal government workers.

    • At 5,000 psi, an average adult human takes up between three and four cubic feet.

      An average Federal cell (by one sources) is 6 x 9 x 12, so room for 216 people per cell…

      I think we can find the space.

      • As Neil Smith pointed out (some decades ago, so the population has grown some) the entire US population can fit in RI. If you move them to CT they can even sit down.
        Meanwhile, islands make good prisons. Kaho’olawe might serve. Or Johnston Atoll. Or Semisopochnoi if you want to pick a cool spot.

        • That’s what we started Liberia for. Anyone not following or agreeing with the constitution could/should be shipped there post hast. Never to return.

          • Um, no. Liberia is not a prison colony but a place intended to be a homeland for freed slaves who wanted to move back to Africa. (And were encouraged to do so by politicians who wanted them free but not here.)
            What I was talking about is more like Australia of old, or Heinlein’s “Coventry”.

          • Sorry, started wasn’t the right word. So you think it wouldn’t work? I mean, the place is everything they want America to be. And working hard to create. Why not save them the trouble?

        • There are great white sharks that naturally patrol the area around the Farallon islands. Kaho’olawe is good, too, unless the Navy no longer uses it.

  3. You already had double the requirement but I signed it anyway. I do not for a moment believe that there will be a spate of prosecutions against law-breaking politicians and public “servants” in some sort of wave of swamp draining, but one must stand and declare ones support for the notion all the same. As for this one case I believe it has a very good chance.

    Leftist infiltrator-activists (criminals) in government positions have been with us since before our grandparents were born. Originally they could do very little and had to hide in the shadows, camouflaging themselves as Americans. But of course there comes a time when they must become more obvious if they’re ever going to achieve their goal of overthrowing America’s founding principles entirely. That time is now, and so the time to fully expose and reprove them is now. But are we prepared?

    Just don’t forget the mark of Cain and the seven-fold (or seven hundred-fold) revenge which comes with it. I’m going on the assumption that it is still in effect in the world, as history might be interpreted to suggest.

    And also, don’t forget that we are all sinners, condemned to death. By the standards of the Ten Commandments, each and every one of us is just as bad as any Marxist agitator judge, prosecutor, politician, lying media puke, et al.

    Let’s all please try to stop with the dehumanizing language. Leave that to the Romish forces; it’s what they do. Yes, they are criminals (criminals who happen to be running not only this country but the entire world), and yes, justice demands their prosecution, but they are people all the same.

    Some small few of them will even repent, turning against Rome, over to the side of the law of liberty. We must be ready to protect them if they’re willing to divulge actionable insider information about their hierarchy, help with the prosecutions, and provide tactical and logistical data. A very few key defectors, if fully cooperative, could expose hundreds or thousands of high office holders, media players, “community organizers” and “spiritual” ringleaders worldwide. That of course is why they’ll need protection; they’ll be the Number One targets of their former fraternity brothers.

    The story of Paul comes to mind. He was just such a defector.

    • We need 100,000 signatures before the White House even looks at it. The 150 was just to get it visible to those that don’t have a direct link to it.

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  5. Signed and put this up on 2 FB lists for conservatives. Thank you.
    We’re over 750 signatures as of 1:30 PM 9/6 PDST.

  6. It looks like’s it’s stalled out at less than a thousand signatories. it could use an Instalanch or something like that.

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