Quote of the day—Matthew Yglesias @mattyglesias

Continued odd happenings in the Pacific Northwest where a 70% white city has hounded its Black police chief out of office as an act of racial justice.

Matthew Yglesias @mattyglesias
Tweeted on August 10, 2020
[Yeah, I suppose it’s a bit odd. But if you knew the nature of the politicians in Seattle it would seem far less odd. To the casual observer they are absolutely bonkers. If you think of them as the destroyers of a city with the constraint that they intend to have minimal risk of going to prison then they are doing a great job.

Tomorrow’s QOTD will feature the most accurate hypothesis I have yet seen to explain the given data.

I do have to give Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best credit for standing up for what is right and not participating in the mass-delusion/deliberate-lie that the Seattle PD is the problem.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Matthew Yglesias @mattyglesias

  1. Because, once again. This has nothing to do with racial justice. Or any of the bullshit slogans the communist yell as they destroy things.
    They want to defund police? Then run home and vote for Kamala the enforcer for one of the most totalitarian regimes on the face of the earth? California.
    What they want is irrelevant. What they end up getting is destruction.
    Que bono? For all the things they say they want, It will never get any better for them than a year ago. Think any of them will realize that before it’s to late? Communism is a brain eating virus that mostly effects the spoiled. At least in this country.
    Their zombies. They don’t operate on levels of logic anymore. Get ready.
    The real party starts if the lights go out.

  2. Once you fully realize that racial harmony was never the goal in any of this, and that the racial and “social justice” movements have never been anything but Romish, Marxist agitation, then you stop seeing irony and start seeing the consistency. It makes sense that white Democrats would oust a black police chief.

    It’s predictable, and that’s one characteristic of proper analysis: It enables prediction by observing trends, comparing them with past behaviors, revealing motivations and goals, and extrapolating. You’ll find that stagnation, destruction and mass death is always ahead, once you’re on their road.

    I suppose the difficult, and yet necessary part of understanding the Romish left is being able to ignore the rhetoric (which admittedly is sometimes quite good) and look at the actions and results. That’s the thing about liars though, isn’t it? Their actions and their words, their promises and their results, are frequently at odds. Don’t let it confuse you. Let it define the liar as the liar, the criminal mind as the criminal mind, the psychopathic opportunist as the psychopathic opportunist, the deadly enemy as the deadly enemy.

    But proper warning is in order. If Donald Trump (or the Republican Party) is the answer, you’re asking the wrong questions. Republicans are nothing but the antithesis to the thesis, working toward the same synthesis.

    • Speaking of category errors, many people, myself included, do not think that Trump is a Republican, in teh sense that while he carries teh party tag he’s not OF the establishment / globalists / corporatist Republican party (which is really just the right wing of the Uniparty), and he’s in the process of exposing and tearing down both Establishment parties, whose joint goal is power, money, and enslavement of the masses (at the least). Some of the other Rs in CD are on his team, but he’s well and truly surrounded and badly outnumbered. Lumping Trump with the Establishment Republicans is a mistake, I think. At least, I really hope it is.

  3. There are other forces at work and the driving force is not in the political sphere. It’s our Weltanschauung or world view reflected by both the left and right, which is why we are seeing changes that will have far-reaching consequences.

    One of these changes is the return to a society based on the cottage model being triggered by work from home. Another is MMT that is being supported by both left and right. Even Trump is implementing it by eliminating the payroll tax and supporting larger unemployment payments – in other words, we are moving toward basic income and MMT.

    How this combination will work out is unknown, but I’m cautiously optimistic that it will be for the better if the leftist are somehow restrained or better yet overtaken by a libertarian political model.

    Note that if you look at history, many public services, such as schools and the police, are relatively new inventions. Perhaps we don’t really need them.

    Will MMT and live/work/play/school from home lead to a more libertarian Weltanschauung?

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