Quote of the day—Lori Lightfoot

Again, No, We DO NOT need federal troops in Chicago.  Period. Full stop.  I’m sure the president will have his way with this incident, but I’m calling upon him to do the things we do need.  We need common sense gun control.

Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor
August 10, 2020
Lori Lightfoot Says Chicago Needs “Common Sense Gun Control” — NO Federal Troops
[Mass looting, with no guns involved, which the police are unable to stop and the Mayor says the solution is gun control.

The lies are now so nonsensical that they are losing their credibility with people.—Joe]


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  1. I was in a discussion with somebody advocating for gun control. They got frustrated that I was shooting down all of their proposed infringements. They finally blurted out “Well then, you propose a law!”

    My reply: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    I propose a common sense gun control law: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed!”

    • You might ask them what new law wouldn’t be ignored as all the others are? I mean, everything destructive that one can do with a gun is already a crime, isn’t it? And no one from the people who write them on down to the street actually obeys them. Except the law abiding, which by definition are not a problem anyhow.
      Then you might explain the definition of insanity and paranoid delusion to them. Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Suggest therapy, 12 step program, medication? But, sadly, even electro-shock therapy can’t cure stupid.

  2. That’s funny, the last mayor, commie Rahm, wanted UN troops to come to Chicongo. If one looks at before and after pictures of Detroit vs. Hiroshima. I think we could make a good case for nuking the place? And starting over.
    Nah, nothing works when the ghetto builders are in charge.

  3. It’s simple: Lightfoot and others (including many WA state officials) have signed onto the whole 1619 narrative so we need to be punished, if not destroyed, for our transgressions and accomplishments on the backs of the unprivileged.

    How else can we explain why they insist that we need more gun laws, allow protesters to violate the law, are dropping tens of thousands of felonies unless you’re privileged and successful, hate the police, rewriting history, and believe that most criminals are not criminals? All this is happening while at the same time you cannot open your business, meet with your friends, go to the shooting range, church, beach, or have a party. What is the saying: never let a crisis go to waste. They are not even trying to win our hearts and minds or to campaign. Just look at Biden still in his basement.

    So it looks like they are planning on taking what they want. That leaves us with few options.

  4. “Common Sense” in Left-Speak is similar in meaning to “Sustainable”. You can translate either term into English as “totalitarian” or “communist”. Now let’s apply the translation. Start with;

    “We need Common Sense measures to ensure a Sustainable Future“.

    That’s something every leftist says in some version or other, repeated by many of them almost daily as a form of mantra.
    Do the correct substitution and you get;

    “We need totalitarian communist measures to ensure a totalitarian communist future.”

    And so it turns out that these people have been making perfect sense all along, for indeed, totalitarian communist measures are required before a totalitarian communist future can be secured. It’s a simple, clear, logical, and consistent statement of an obvious fact.

    Once you understand the language, you realize that what seemed at first to be nonsense, random gibberish or word salad, even blatant stupidity flying directly in the face of all reason, sensibility and sanity, is actually consistent and, from the point of view of the Romish, Marxist, gangster criminal mentality, not only quite logical but tactically sound. Sometimes even brilliant.

    Let’s never underestimate the enemy. Evil is not the same thing as stupidity, regardless of the amount of overlap in the Venn Diagram. Evil may use the appearance of stupidity or other vulnerabilities, sure, and may often use genuinely stupid people (and communist movements always prey upon the youth, for their naïveté), but it does so brilliantly and purposefully, and plays the long game.

    But time runs short for the prince of the world, and he knows it. At some point he has to play his full hand, regardless, come what may. The necessary deceptions are in place and established, and most are widely if not universally accepted by all “sides” in the conflict. It would seem that the time is ripe.

  5. easy fix…let them do whatever they want…eventually they will run in to people not willing to put up with the looting and burning and just like that, a few less morons walking the streets…

    • It will indeed come to that. I do not think that “each one, take one.” is a viable strategy given the apparent numbers of liberty-lovers compared to the apparent numbers of slavery-lovers.

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