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  1. Someone over on Quora thinks that some of the people in the rioting groups are. False flag, you know.

  2. When the riots oops, mostly peaceful protests started, I pointed out to my lady that it looked like Antifa was causing problems.
    I was told that there was no “Antifa” because it wasn’t a real organization, the websites I sent her to could have been faked and that we had to make sure that it wasn’t just Big Igloo dudes causing trouble.
    You know, if I looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it swims like a duck and says “I’m a duck!” I’m going to think it is a duck, long before I consider it might be a Bluebird.

    • It is pretty hard to tell the difference between a person earnestly saying Antifa things and a person doing a deadpan parody.

      The most epic shitlords at 4Chan make troll campaigns to get SJWs to do things that are more plausible than the things the SJWs are trying to get other SJWs to do. “Free bleeding”, for example.

  3. I’d think that by now you should know very well how the left would answer that question. They’d point out how the evil capitalists, and probably the Jews, have been abusing, raping and looting the lower classes, and the Earth, and certain minorities, forever, and that the relatively minuscule violence committed by the left is just the beginning of “justice”. They hate police because they see them as the enforcers of the aforementioned evil system.

    Strangely, although there is a scintilla of truth in their doctrine, they utterly fail to recognize it as such. Thus they love to see evil in others because they believe it grants them the right, even a mandate, to be evil themselves.

    • But the members of Antifa, which is the essence of the rioters, looting, and thuggish behavior, are mostly white and not being choked to death by the police either. And more to the point, what connection does Trump have with the illegal deaths of people by the police currently in the news? It’s not the FBI doing it. It’s the police in political jurisdictions completely dominated by the party in total opposition to Trump.

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