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I don’t feel like the divide in the country is left vs right. It’s not authoritarian vs libertarian. At this point it’s sane vs insane.

Dave Smith @ComicDaveSmith
Tweeted on June 3, 2020
[Reality is difficult. It is also difficult to distinguish people without a solid understanding of reality through lack of effort and/or ability versus with those who are actually disconnected from reality due to mental defect.

Something most people don’t understand is that large numbers of people can share the same destructive delusion. Nazism and communism are probably the two most well known examples today but the example are countless and go back thousands of years in human history and almost certainly prehistory.

There is a mass delusion going on all around us. I have no idea how to connect these people to reality. It may not even be possible. Perhaps it will have to burn itself out. Perhaps it will have to be destroyed by those who are more sane.

I believe we are living in a remarkable time and place. A time and place that will be noted in history books for decades if not centuries.

This may be The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy. It may be something else. But it is something more than I have ever seen before and I remember the 1960s.—Joe]


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  1. This is a good summary of our situation especially since it looks like Capital Hill is no longer under the control of Seattle or state officials. At this point, I expect that more of Seattle will become ‘free’ and I do not see Seattle or the state taking back control since the use of any form of ‘force’, including the threat of force, is taboo.

    So where does this leave us?

    • “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will farm for those who do not.”

    • The use of force is still very much approved, but not against leftists. The “Can’t we all just get along” and the “Violence never solves anything” peaceniks will be more than happy to initiate a blood bath against their targeted enemies, namely anyone who upholds the laws and principles of liberty and particularly those as firmly ensconced in Biblical principles.

      You’ll also, eventually, discover that skin color never really had anything to do with any of it, except as a convenient, strategic emotional leverage point.

      Like any good cause, the cause of racial harmony was hijacked decades ago and repurposed into Romish, leftist/Marxist agitation.

      Those of us who lived through the civil rights era of the 1960s, and the concurrent “Peace” marches, still haven’t quite realized what happened back then. Before that time there was still some tattered remnant of a contest between ideologies, but that’s when the contest ended and the long period of concession to leftist ideals and retreat from libertarian principles began unopposed. Maybe it was the “Free Love” movement which killed us off, turning occasionally strong, marginally principled men into pussy-chasing dogs, but that’s only speculation. Certainly it played a role though.

      The death of Martin Luther King Jr. seems to have been the turning point; the point at which the cause for liberty and racial equality in the hearts of men was turned on a dime and replaced with leftist agitation, debauchery, litigation and forced-by-law outcomes.

      Of course, while all of that was going on, also the Protestant Reformation was busy ceding back to Rome all that it had gained since the Dark Ages including this very country, the U.S. WA DC and Rome are now officially sister cities in fact.

      I hereby assert that it is no mere coincidence that both processes (the turning of formerly Christian libertarian ideals to leftist agitation, and the abandonment of the Protestant Reformation, i.e. “ecumenism”), are happening concurrently, that they are in fact one and the same process.

  2. While I am familiar with the saying “May you live in interesting times”, I have degrees of “interesting”. Burning down society for hate’s sake is beyond my threshold for experience. A little political strife, heated arguments, agree to disagree but also doing great and wonderful things that strike us with awe and push us forward is “interesting”.

    We’ll go back to that in time but at what cost? I read about the 1960s and especially 1968 and the Vietnam War protests, anti-government violence, abandonment of cities and law and order in the 1970s. I really have no desire to experience such first-hand. History is supposed to be a warning and record to future generations not to repeat their mistakes. Not a guidebook to getting stupidity on more efficiently.

    God I hate social media and the vapid, fleeting, pointless behavior it produces. I wonder how this generation and beyond is going to hold a job and do stuff like Joe and I do (software) when these people have the staying power and attention span of a gnat on crack. No wonder they’re rioting; it is the ultimate instant gratification experience they’ve ever had. Hopefully enough will survive it to learn from it.

    As for me, I’m looking for property. Idaho Falls or Twin Falls is looking really good right about now.

    • When considering the protests of the 60 and later, remember; McCarthy was right.That wasn’t an organic outpouring of feeling.

  3. For many, they have to come face-to-face with destruction, be standing on the precipice, see their imminent demise by a force of destruction they can neither control nor deny, before they’ll pull their head out of their ass wake up and see reality. They have to hit rock bottom or have some sort of come-to-Jesus moment, as it were, to get the motivation to change their world-view. Even then some will not, and they’d rather die than admit they were wrong.

    For myself, one of the early signs that the world was going to do what it wanted to do was a brief bear encounter in the woods walking down to go duck hunting. Deep, fast, glacial river on one side, heavy brush with a suddenly very active and very large-sounding brown-bear nearby on the other. Can’t hide. can’t retreat, can’t run, very little reaction distance / time available if it charged. A double-barrel 20-ga with #4 birdshot is better than nothing, but precious little comfort for the circumstances. That feeling of “well, I guess I have to dance to the tune being played with what I brung to the party,” was a powerful motivator to take a more careful evaluation of risk and the world as it was, not merely how I wished it to be. I had slugs loaded for the walk on the next hunting trip.

    • At least when you go into the backcountry you’re setting yourself up for a known set of possible encounters. At least, smart people do. I’m not going to hike a remote trail and think the cougars and bears are civilized. I am going to assume I’m a free meal walking into their kitchen.

      Rioters, looters and politicians aren’t following you into the woods on the deer hunt looking to pitch “Deer Lives Matter!” and “Declaw the Bears!” while giving speeches.

      At least when you engage with the world on your own terms you know the world might throw you a curveball and not care whether or not you’re ready or prepared to swing. But it never hurts to bring a bat knowing the pitch might be coming.

      I’ve gotten old enough to have a similar outlook and I expect a certain amount of chaos and “didn’t want that to happen”. But at least I recognize the possibility and I am not going to be surprised by the appearance of the bear on the other side of the creek. Probably going to be a memorable experience no matter what but I am not going into the woods to look for the bear to kick in the metaphorical nuts. There are some types of interesting that are best left as hypotheticals.

      Sadly most people never come to the realization that the Universe does not give a crap about them. Pretty depressing thought when it happens. Recognition that you aren’t in control can be a very sobering experience. And sometimes fatal.

    • If a game warden catches you with slugs in your pocket while hunting ducks…I don’t recommend this procedure.

  4. What we need to do is separate ourselves from this. It can’t be fixed. Time for the National Divorce.

    • Were the blue area’s meal ticket. They ain’t letting us go. If they will do this for bigger TV’s. What do think they will do for food?
      Communism requires someone to steal from. Otherwise it eats itself alive.

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