Quote of the day—Christine T.

This was the last question I ever wanted to ask or thought I would be asking, but are there any places to buy a gun for protection?

I know absolutely nothing. But I’m a quick learner and will spend the time needed to learn. I can replace everything but my babies and I will go to no expense to protect them.

Christine T.
June 2, 2020
From a Private Facebook Group for Bellevue Washington
[She’s getting decent advice from numerous people—including Barb.

When the looters and riots are in route Washington state has a waiting period measured in days for gun ownership.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Christine T.

  1. I got essentially the same call from a nice old lady yesterday, and we don’t even sell guns.

  2. Good morning Christine! Mama bear instincts wake you up?
    Thanks to Barb for helping her out.

  3. Just think, it took riots and impending LOCAL looters and violence to wake someone up. But I suppose ‘better late than never” applies here. I hope it’s not TOO late, for her.

    Until we know: welcome to the party!

  4. Problem is that when this current fun-and-games-brought-to-you-by-the-diverse crowd-and-their-handlers is done, most of these libs will close their eyes and go right back to sleep.

    • Probably true. But if it’s “most” then “some” will stay awake, which is a net gain for the forces of truth.

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