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    • Actual white supremacists, all twelve* of them, aren’t smart enough to pose as anyone but themselves. They simply can’t keep up the ruse. If the White Supremacists have any organization, it’s being supplied by a graduate of Quantico that is playing a very fine line with the entrapment rules.

      If the progressives in the media stopped seeing them in every shadow and saying how organized and influential they must be, the meager remainder might get the hint that nobody buys their shit and they’ll finally fade into obscurity. As it is, they can only think they have a movement because of all the FBI agents playing along on Drizzle Front.

      Twitter is desperate to pretend that all the Antifa and RevCom and other Marxist groups they’ve been seeing nothing wrong with for years are now ‘White Supremacists’ because they’re about to lose their 230 protections and they’re going to be on the hook as publisher for all the violence glorifying messaging that has resulted in real live objectively verifiable violence. NBC, as a fellow traveler organization, is more than happy to run with that face-saving disinformation campaign.

      * more or less; in any event, will make for a disappointing barbecue turnout

    • Seriously? Your quoting NBC? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks John! What a putz! To funny!

    • How would NBC know, do they have informants inside terrorist groups? I doubt it, they don’t have the balls for anything like that. So the more likely answer is “they made it up”.

  1. Clear as mud.
    It is said that the first casualty in any war is truth, and now it looks like we’re in a war of clichés. False flag verses false flag, with the false narrative of the War of the False Flags being promulgated by compliant, cliché media; a whole industry wherein it’s difficult to find a single individual curious enough to do some real investigative journalism. Of course it’s easier to make stuff up, or to run with what you’re handed, but surely there must be someone willing to do original investigation.

    I figure that the first amendment will have taken a significant hit after this, and that both Republican and Democratic Party actions will have contributed to make it happen.

    Of course that doesn’t mean people’s lives and property haven’t been destroyed or aren’t in danger. It only means that the fight isn’t about any of the things we’re being told.

    Meanwhile the instigators and their Community Organizers remain at large and unnamed, and there is no apparent effort to bring them to justice. Antifa and BLM and similar Marxist and anarchist, anti Western civ. agitator groups didn’t just rise up spontaneously out of the grass roots to address genuine injustice.

  2. It’s a nice thought. But even the gay commies ain’t that stupid. They’ll stick to town where they have political cover.
    This is all just extortion theater. I can hardly wait to hear the real demands.
    Maybe John could get us the straight scoop from the SPLC, or maybe from his connects over at NPR?

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