Quote of the day—Shannon Watts

The leaders participating in our ‘Demanding Women’ series are doing everything in their power to fight the coronavirus pandemic and its intersections with systemic racism and inequities. From voter access issues to rising rates of city gun violence and domestic violence, these women are leading the conversation to demand a better, safer world for every American.

Shannon Watts
April 24, 2020
Everytown For Gun Safety With Moms Demand Action Launch New “Demanding Women” Virtual Conversation Series Featuring Stacey Abrams, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris to Discuss Gun Violence in the Time of a Pandemic
[It’s amazing how many lies, deceptions, and assumptions of facts not in evidence can be packed into just two sentences. That’s truly impressive!—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Shannon Watts

  1. Sounds like she’s afraid for her worthless job, and looking desperately for some new scam to get involved with.

  2. She’s a professional liar after all. I mean, prior to her current gig, she was a Monsanto shill.

  3. I’m certain that people from all walks of life will beat a path to the door of any venue – virtual or physical – that features “Demanding Women.”

    I suggest renaming the series to Karens and Fetishes.

    • To Funny! And as you can see, their friends are buying guns like there’s no tomorrow.
      The real question is a new ccw gun? Or just more ammo for what I have with that stimulus check?

  4. “…leading the conversation…”

    Oh, yeah. About that: She must mean “Screaming at you deplorables to sit down, shut up, and hear us out, because reasons!”

    Years ago was vacationing with my brother (an ivy league educated attorney). One of his buddies from law school was in attendance, and he (the buddy) deplored “the gun show loophole”. TDW had just (like, 2 weeks previously) purchased an AR at a gun show. We both (TDW and I) have CPLs from our home state.

    I asked buddy about the”gunshow loophole”.

    He expounded, as if directly from a New York Times article. I invited TDW to recount her experience (NICS check, CPL presentation, 4473, etcetera, etcetera).

    Buddy declaimed, “Oh, no! That’s not how it works! You’re wrong!”


    His arrogant ignorance survived first person testimony re recent experience, contra his assertions.

    So, he continued to hold onto assertions contrary to evidence.

    And, THAT is what a “conversation” looks like, to “our betters”.

    • I can accept ignorance as a first pass with a gun control advocate.

      Their refusal to do any research, ignore overwhelming data and real world evidence just to remain “pure” in their ideology, transforms into self-inflicted stupidity.

  5. There is zero grass roots to this fake movement. My understanding is that Shannon Watts was previously in PR and/or advertising. She is just looking for a sugar daddy for a cause, any cause, so long as it has a big budget she can appropriate.

    However, she really need to get a lesson in naming causes. Moms Demand (more bedroom) Action and now Demanding (shrill, shrieking, and shrew-like) Women are just too easy to mock and dismiss.

    Curious how she embraces Leftist causes for women, but does her damn best to disarm them so they can be easier victims of violence and rape. I would call her a rapist-enabler.

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