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The FGC-9 enables everyday people all around the world to build a 9mm semi-automatic firearm, from start to finish, using a 3D printer and commonly available, unregulated materials. It’s specifically designed to be accessible to folks with minimal gun building experience, and avoids using parts commonly or easily restricted by law in the US and Europe. Anyone can build it, and no one can stop it.

In case there was any doubt about the political ideology here, you should know that the ‘FGC’ in the ‘FGC-9’ stands for “fuck gun control”.

Lee Enfield
March 31, 2020
The FGC-9 Fulfills the Promise of 3D Printed Guns
[Things have come a long way:

It’s not going to make the anti-gun people give up the fight and become normal humans. They will, as is always the case, continue to lie and double down on their failing objectives.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lee Enfield

  1. For those without 3d printers, there’s always the famous (British, no less) website thehomegunsmith.com

  2. Nice, but you could also just buy a 80% lower and parts.

    If you are looking at this as a way to free yourself from the supply chain this is not it. You will still need commercial parts along with reloading supplies. And yes with the proper equipment and training you could make a lot, but not all, of the commercial parts.

  3. If they really believed in “Fuck Gun Control,” this would be an open bolt design that is full auto. Those are easier to make than closed bolt, semi auto designs.

  4. If all it does is make commies crazier. Good on’em! The real problem is that if your a communist. Your brainwashed to carry on with lost causes. Futility becomes a life style they just can’t click out of. The spirit of the FGC-9 is as important as the product.

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