Quote of the day—Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Joe Biden has repeatedly stood up to and defeated the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the corrupt gun lobby. As a senator, he helped pass the Brady Background Check Bill and enact the Assault Weapons Ban. He authored the Violence Against Women Act that has served as a guiding light in America’s effort to disarm domestic abusers and protect the lives of women. As vice president to President Barack Obama, Biden helped lead the effort to enact stronger gun laws through executive actions following the tragic massacre in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

As president, Joe Biden will fight for a safer and more secure United States of America. With 40,000 gun deaths each year, we are facing a public health crisis. His comprehensive gun violence prevention plan includes addressing the scourge of gun violence that wreaks havoc in communities across our country. He will enact policies that address and reduce the tragedy of firearm suicide, and he will continue to fight for laws that disarm domestic abusers and stalkers. His plan also includes incentivizing life-saving permit-to-purchase programs in states and creating buyback programs to get weapons of war off of America’s streets.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States
March 10, 2020
[Emphasis added.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Just in case you were considering Biden for President, that the CSGV endorses him should be sufficient to dissuade you.

Remember, some people believe there is a “epidemic” or “public health crisis” exemption to the Bill of Rights. Or at least that is the rational they give. I’m pretty sure they are just saying that to hide their hatred of individual rights.

Biden is clearly one of those people. He says that if you believe the Second Amendment protects your right to own anything other than a shotgun then, “You’re full of shit.

Don’t let him get into office.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

  1. I ordered this to build an AR -14 pistol in his honor.

    PSA “ANGRYJOE-14” AR-14 Stripped Lower Receiver

    • I’m calling it now. He’s going to name Hillary as his VP choice. He’s going to last just long enough to be sworn in, then he will be removed on 25th Amendment grounds and we get Queen Hitlery the First. She will be sworn in while Joe looks on, glassy-eyed, mumbling, and drooling, in a bathrobe.

      • Nah, he’s gonna do Kamala. Notice how buddy-buddy she got with him after calling him a racist on the debate stage a month earlier?

  2. Joe wouldn’t last a month in office. He’d have a stroke or some other “accident” and the carefully selected, and probably even more anti-gun VP: would step into the presidency.

  3. CSGV are perennial liars. Here we see the lie of counting suicides as “gun violence”.

  4. Oh scssssh. you fat, lying, dog face pony soldiers. Who couldn’t do a push-up. Let’s take it out back! You don’t need to holler fire in a crowd with a 100, 12ga., AR-14’s to scare off a burglar!
    Oh hell, just feel my leg hairs, let me sniff your children. And we’ll beat Trump easy!

    Also, they forgot to mention one of his more important accolades. Biden helped Obama give 2500 AK-47’s and Glocks to the Mexican cartels that are probably still killing people. Gun violence prevention indeed!

  5. Joe, I’m no good at links. So, YouTube, Raylan Givens, You take one more step.
    Possible sticky? It certainly sums up my position on gun control. Enjoy!

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